Web Images

It is important not to take the high-resolution 20MB photo from a digital camera and attempt to upload it straight to a website. Although it is possible for browsers to resize according to proportion, it's best to avoid having your page slowed down by making site visitors' browsers render an enormous graphics and then resize it within the browser. Visitors on mobile devices who may be using cellular data (usually a slower connection) will not appreciate super-large images either.

Here are a few best practices for images intended for the web:

  • Choose images that are high quality and give a professional representation of UAB. Photos should be sharp.
  • Images must be original and free of copyright unless you've been granted permission for use. It is your responsibility to ensure that photos you've purchased can be used without limit on your website.
  • People in photos must have a signed release on file.
  • The recommended resolution for web use is 72 dpi.
  • Full-width banner images should be a minimum of 1400px wide, up to 1860px wide. But be mindful of image file size — usually measured in kilobytes, abbreviated as kb — which can be high at these dimensions.
  • Maximum suggested size for any single image is less than 300kb.
  • For most other photos and images, a minimum of 60px by 60px or a maximum of 400px by 400px is suggested.
  • Do not use flashing, flickering, blinking, or other animated images.
  • Do not embed the text of your website in web images; it impairs search engine ranking and, without proper use of alt text, could make your site inaccessible to visitors who use screen readers.
  • There are three main file types for web images — JPG, GIF, and PNG. GIFs are used for simple graphics and have a low file size, but are limited to 256 colors. GIFs are great for illustrations and non-photo graphics and can be animated. PNGs support a better level of background transparency than a GIF, but at the cost of larger file sizes. JPG works best for photographs as it offers a good balance between file size and image quality.
  • Give your photos/graphics descriptive file names. Captions are recommended but not required.

Can't seem to find the perfect image for your website? Check out UAB's Image Gallery. The Image Gallery is for use by official UAB administrative units only. The images are sized for web and PowerPoint presentation use. If you require higher resolution images or can't find a specific image, please submit an image request.

Alt Text and Accessibility

To help visitors who use screen readers and other forms of aid to navigate your site, alternate or "alt" text should be used to explain the purpose of every image. Your content editor (for Joomla, it's JCE) makes this field visible to you as you place the image in the content. For example, if you have placed a right-facing arrow to instruct users to click to visit the next page, the alt text should not say "arrow.png" — instead it should say "next page." While there is no official length restriction on the length of alt text, we recommend using no more than 125 characters to describe an image. See W3C's accessibility guidelines for more information on using alt text.

RSForm! Pro


  • Do not collect confidential data via an online form. This can include social security numbers and FERPA- or HIPAA-protected information.
  • The only UAB-approved payment gateway is Touchnet. To inquire about online payment options, consult This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Do not enable the WYSIWYG editor for any form fields. This type of content entry from the user side can be a security vulnerability.
  • Always include the reCaptcha2 field on every form. This will help prevent spam form submissions which can trigger a takedown of the form by WebComm or UAB Data Security.
  • The user emails, admin emails, and customized thank you messages may require updating each time you edit the form fields.


  • If you email submissions, please make sure the reply-to field contains an email address. Leaving the reply-to field blank will trigger a high spam score within UAB's email system resulting in unsuccessful email delivery.
  • If you are using an email address collected from the form, please set the submitter's email address a required entry on your form.
  • If you are automatically sending an attachment to the user, please keep the file type and size reasonable for email applications, less than 1MB.
  • Multiple recipients must be separated with a comma.


  • Please do not declare that submissions can be made anonymously. In UAB's email environment, all form submissions will include a traceable ip address for security purposes.
  • Forms on your site are crawled by Google and included in Google's search results. If you are not using a form, please un-publish the form (and menu item if applicable) to remove public search availability.