Custom Google Search — Searches across all content (text, images, PDF, etc.) on all UAB sites simultaneously. Web Communications can also replace the standard single-site Joomla search with GCS on your site to make an all-inclusive search across a group of sites of your choosing.

Google Analytics — Tracks and reports site traffic. Helps provide insights on site performance.

Google Tag Manager — Preferred tag management system that helps provide marketing insights by use of site triggers.

Joomla Content Editor — User-friendly interface that allows users to easily edit UAB sites without having to write HTML or CSS.

Module Position Visual Guide - Standard (PDF)   Module Positions Visual Guide - Linear (PDF) — Module positions are specific areas in our template designated for displaying a variety of module types. These positions have been designed to make your Joomla site extremely versatile when it comes to displaying what you want, where you want it. When used properly, your site will be easy to navigate and display content in a responsive layout for both desktop and mobile devices. The "Standard" PDF shows branding displayed on sites prior to August 2018. The "Linear" PDF shows branding like this Toolkit site and the additional non-editable footer included with this template style. The Linear style will begin rolling out across all sites beginning in August 2018.

Redirect Manager — Redirects a page that no longer exists to a working URL.

RSForm! Pro — Interface allows Joomla admins to easily build web forms to collect submissions.

VJ Calendar — Displays Google Calendars with a variety of layout options.

VJ Magic Toolkit — A collection of widgets used to manipulate databases, charts, and graphs.

Simple RSS Feed Reader — Combines multiple feed sources into one RSS feed. Installed by request only.

Web Links — Organizes and displays links to other sites.

Widgetkit — Provides an interface to quickly create slideshows, galleries, grids, accordions, and stunning interactive layouts.