Every UAB website has latitude for creativity, but several non-negotiable elements are essential to effective branding and efficient navigation:

Page Header

The top of each webpage, consists of three elements:

  1. A full UAB logo in the extreme horizontal format. This element is not editable and will be consistent across all sites on the platform.
  2. A search input box populated by either a site-level search or a custom search where applicable.
  3. The UAB Quicklinks menu is automatically added for Joomla sites and should be included when technically possible on other platforms or systems.
  4. The site's name set in HTML text with an optional secondary title below. Having the site's name in HTML text helps site visitors who use screen readers or other assistive technology better understand the page content.


A site navigation menu in the horizontal navigation bar should be located on all pages, and section- or category-based navigation in the left sidebar navigation area may also be used for sites with large amounts of content. Site breadcrumbs are also a good option.


Contact information, typically a link leading to a form that generates an email to the site manager within your unit or school, is required on every page and typically appears in the site's footer area. Additionally, these elements should appear:

  • a link to a text-only version of the site for site visitors who engage with your site in this way;
  • a "Terms of Use" link that will redirect visitors to a page managed by Web Communications that will include a privacy statement, disclaimer, terms of use, and any other content deemed necessary by the UAB Office Of Counsel, UAB Information Technology, UAB Compliance Office, and University Relations;
  • a copyright statement dictated by the UAB Office of Counsel: © [year] The University of Alabama at Birmingham.