UAB provides the Siteimprove service as a funded resource for all centrally managed and approved "www" sites. The service offers many tools, but the most commonly used features are the misspelling and broken link reports. Here are a few features of Siteimprove Quality Assurance:


If your website fails to comply with accessibility requirements for disabled users, Quality Assurance helps identify issues that require attention and remediation to bring a site up to WCAG standards.

Broken Links

The fastest way to lose credibility is to have broken links on your website. Quality Assurance identifies and reports them.

Spelling Mistakes

Another website credibility killer is the spelling mistake. Quality Assurance optimizes reader friendliness on your website by locating spelling mistakes while still allowing you to ensure a consistent language and grammar style.

Resource Overview

As an added bonus, Quality Assurance gives you a practical, usable overview of media files, email addresses, documents, misplaced Social Security numbers, meta tags, and much more — all sensitive details that from time to time require updating or simply deleting from your website.

If you would like a more detailed summary of the many benefits of Siteimprove Quality Assurance, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..