The Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, has a staff of 13 librarians and 37 other staff, a budget of over $3 million, a collection of 300,000 volumes, 2,500 current serials, and the Horizon integrated library system, which is a client-server-based system that provides an online catalog of the Lister Hill Library (LHL) collections.  Multiple databases are available either within the library or remotely by an internet connection.  The Library also houses the Reynolds Historical Library and the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences.  The Mervyn H. Sterne Library, which is the general library for the University, contains 1,117,701 books and 102,149 bound periodicals and subscribes to 2,722 periodicals pertaining to chemistry, physics, mathematics and the biological sciences as well as to topics in the social sciences, humanities, business, engineering, and education.  There are also 1,072,722 microform items representing copies of books, reports, and other materials.  A large number of journal subscriptions are held as electronic subscriptions and able to be searched from remote locations, with the expansion of electronic and searchable resources being dramatic. Selection of items to be added, maintained, or discontinued is based on faculty request, librarian advice and usage data. Faculty, trainees, and staf can access all online LHL resources remotely. Since the HSL is organizationally part of the University of Alabama (UA), it participates fully in the services, programs, and licensed resources available through the UA libraries and its resources are listed in the UA on line catalog (