UAB embodies a spirit of discovery that advances knowledge, solves ancient mysteries and real-world problems and drives economic development. Its research faculty ranks among the nation’s best funded and is noted for exceptional mentoring and training — from undergraduate researchers to post-doctoral fellows.

UAB, home to some of the nation’s most prestigious centers for the study of cancer, neuroscience, AIDS, diabetes and more, excels at translating medical discoveries in the lab to revolutionary therapies at the bedside and in clinics.

Across campus, faculty are engineering revolutionary new materials for dental implants, body armor and spacecraft and developing new technologies for virtual reality, robotic surgery, greener vehicles, disease-free food, and leading-edge research in cybercrime. Others are exploring the marine depths of Antarctica, using satellite imaging to discover ancient Egyptian settlements and partnering with NASA to explore the final frontier.

• With $225 million in NIH funding in FY2014, UAB is ranked 22nd nationally (10th among public universities) with several individual schools also highly ranked among their peers: Dentistry is first nationally, Public Health is ninth, Medicine is 26th and Nursing is 31st.

• UAB is No. 1 nationally among public universities in terms of federal research funding per incoming freshman.

• One of 11 recipients of the prestigious Beckman Scholars Award, reserved for universities demonstrating exceptional mentoring and training of undergraduate researchers.

• Ranks No. 1 nationally among universities in The Scientist magazine’s 2013 Best Places to Work as a postdoc.