Welcome to the Graduate School Training Support site. On this site you will find info and resources for NIH training grants including but not limited to T32 and F Awards. Ready to use copy and boiler plate information for such programs are provided, however if you have specific questions concerning the mechanism you are interested in submitting, please reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

GBS Training Grant Preparation Support

 Table 1        Census of Participating Departments and Interdepartmental Programs

 Table 2        Participating Faculty Members

 Table 3        Federal Institutional Research Training Grant and Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members

 Table 4        Research Support of Participating Faculty Members

                   Table 4 from IRAP

 Table 5A      Publications of Those in Training: Predoctoral

 Table 5B      Publications of Those in Training: Postdoctoral

 Table 6A      Applicants, Entrants, and their Characteristics for the Past Five Years: Predoctoral

 Table 6B      Applicants, Entrants, and their Characteristics for the Past Five Years: Postdoctoral

 Table 7        Appointments to the Training Grant for Each Year of the Current Project Period (renewal)

Table 8A      Program Outcomes: Predoctoral

Table 8C      Program Outcomes: Postdoctoral



  • 8-10 week lead time prior to submission deadline
  • List of participating faculty with their primary department
  • Identification of participating graduate entry programs


Boilerplate content available(information or narrative drafts):     

  • UAB Graduate Biomedical Sciences Programs and Services
  • Diverse Populations Recruitment and Retention
  • UAB Centers & Cores
  • Graduate School Support Services -
    • Recruitment
    • Professional Development programs
    • Ethics training
    •  Fellowship Incentive Award Program (40% success rate to date)
    •  Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship
  • Office of Postdoctoral Education Programs and Services

Contact Graduate School Data Support Specialist:

Libby Worthington, lThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (also coordinates with OPE staff for postdoc data)