Neverending Stories
The many lives of Princess Leia, Anne Boleyn, and Beyoncé
By Josh Beech and Charles Buchanan
Field of Dreams
Blazer football kicks off its comeback
By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood • Videos by Tyler Greer, Jeff Myers, Andrea Reiber, Laura Thomas, and Carson Young
Sam Hunt's Homecoming
Star singer celebrates his days as a Blazer
By Clair McLafferty • Header photo by Connor Dwyer • Video by UAB Digital Media
Motivational Coach
Timothy Alexander champions football's return
By Cary Estes • Photos by Steve Wood • Video by Jeff Myers, Adam Pope, Laura Thomas, and Carson Young
An Opening for Early Detection
What your mouth says about your overall health
By Adam Pope
Victory March
The Marching Blazers are ready to entertain you
By Josh Beech • Photos by Steve Wood • Video by Laura Thomas and Carson Young
Sunny Side Up
A solar-powered home puts Alabama on the path to a sustainable future
By Haley Herfurth • Photos by Steve Wood
Neighborhood Watch
Mapping the spread of crime could help save communities at risk
By Rosalind Fournier • Photo by Steve Wood
The Universe Within
Jessica Angel takes students and visitors on a space adventure
By Casey Marley • Photos by Steve Wood • Video by Bailey Barrow, Ben Johnson, Courtney Lassiter, David Love, Millena Oliveira, and Lauren Smith
Empire of Opportunity
Czarist Russia as a beacon for black freedom
By Taylor Morris and Charles Buchanan
I Am Invisible
Encounters with the working poor shatter stereotypes and trigger emotions
By Cary Estes
Exercising Their Abilities
Students make fitness fun for everyone
By Gail Allyn Short • Photos by Kevin Storr
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