Delicious City
Alumni and faculty add zest to Birmingham's rising food scene
By Carla Jean Whitley • Photos by Steve Wood
The Shadows of Stigma
Helping patients overcome shame and fear can help them fight disease
By Sarah C.P. Williams • Illustrations by Ernie Eldredge • Photos by Steve Wood
Lay of the Language
Mapping Birmingham's linguistic landscape
By Alan Kianoff • Photos by Steve Wood
Face Time
Telehealth could leap barriers to care
By Tyler Greer • Photos by Steve Wood
A Global Crossroads
Partnership creates an international destination for learning
By Rosalind Fournier • Photos by Steve Wood
An Education Marked Incomplete
Students seek causes and solutions for America's achievement gaps
By Rosalind Fournier • Illustration by Ernie Eldredge • Photos by Steve Wood
Surprise Inside!
Unexpected findings change our view of cavities
By Erin M. Burns
Leading Role
The Alys Stephens Center's director inspires creative growth
By Charles Buchanan • Header photo by Steve Wood
A Passion for Problem-Solving
Biophysics meets biomedical sciences
By Matt Windsor • Photo by Steve Wood
Journeys of Hope
Alumni on the front lines of the world's refugee crisis
By Gail Allyn Short
A Wider Vision
Expanding eye care to every part of the community
By Lisa C. Bailey • Photos by Steve Wood
Sure Shots
Rifle athletes aim high by training bodies and minds
By Cary Estes • Photos by Steve Wood • Video by Jeff Myers, Andrea Reiber, and Carson Young
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