Telehealth could leap barriers to care
By Tyler Greer • Photos by Steve Wood
Engineers and students help NASA keep orbiting science on ice
By Josh Beech
Students write plays to spotlight community issues
By Jess Simpson • Photos by Steve Wood
Partnership creates an international destination for learning
By Rosalind Fournier • Photos by Steve Wood
Students seek causes and solutions for America's achievement gaps
By Rosalind Fournier • Illustration by Ernie Eldredge • Photos by Steve Wood
Unexpected findings change our view of cavities
By Erin M. Burns
The Alys Stephens Center's director inspires creative growth
By Charles Buchanan • Header photo by Steve Wood
Biophysics meets biomedical sciences
By Matt Windsor • Photo by Steve Wood
Alumni on the front lines of the world's refugee crisis
By Gail Allyn Short
Expanding eye care to every part of the community
By Lisa C. Bailey • Photos by Steve Wood
UAB Bowling builds a new team — and new strength
By Cary Estes • Photos by Steve Wood • Video by Jeff Myers, Andrea Reiber, and Carson Young
Moon Nahm helps the world fight pneumonia
By Jeff Hansen, Charles Buchanan, and Taylor Morris • Photo by Steve Wood
Students go on a flight of imagination
By Charles Buchanan
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