The Undergraduate Student Government Association is comprised of elected and appointed students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. The USGA is divided into three branches: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch is further divided into four committees: Legislative, Student Services, Communications, and Finance. The Vice Presidents of each of the committees together with the Chief of Staff and the President serve on the Executive Council.
The USGA aims to represent the undergraduate student by advocating for student interests and empowering student voice. We provide students with the opportunity to influence both their academic and social experiences at UAB. In order to accomplish our mission many USGA leaders work closely with UAB faculty and administration to propel both short and long term student goals. In addition to policy work, the USGA works on services, programs, and distributing funds to student organizations in order to develop and foster a more collaborative UAB community.

Meet USGA Executive Council

Mugdha Mokashi
Major: Neuroscience, Fast-Track MPH in Health Behavior
Year: Senior
Reason for joining USGA: USGA gives me an opportunity to use my love for UAB and campus activism to connect with students and represent their interests to the student body.
Personal goals for USGA this year: My personal goal for USGA is to transform our organization into an advocacy-centered hub for a diversity of student resources. I would love for students to feel like USGA is the first place they can go for resources and support in order to meet their academic, professional, and social goals on campus.
Executive Vice President

Siddharth Srikakolapu
Major: Philosophy
Year: Junior
Reason for joining USGA: I love the students at UAB and see USGA as an opportunity to connect with more students and advocate for them.
Personal goals for USGA this year :I plan to promote initiatives surrounding mental health, sustainability, and dining to improve the quality of student life.

Chief of Staff
Samuel Moss

Major: Public Health
Year – Senior
Reason for joining USGA – USGA allows students to have a meaningful and impactful voice in all aspects of campus life. I joined USGA to advocate for the causes closest to me, in an effort to ensure that UAB continues to be an open and welcoming campus for everyone.
Personal goals for USGA – My personal goals for USGA are to help other student leaders develop both academically and as leaders, as well as ensuring that transfer and non-traditional students are able to take advantage of all UAB has to offer.
Vice President
of Student Services

Asutosh Nanda

Major: Double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Individually Designed Major in Econometrics
Year: 4th Year 
Reason for joining USGA: I joined USGA to help influence the future of the university and to use my platform to advocate for marginalized students on campus.
Personal goals for USGA: My personal goals for USGA are to sustain strong relationships with administration, staff, and students and develop partnerships with student organizations to advocate for positive change around equity, wellness, sustainability, and civic engagement.
Vice President
of Communications

Ghada Abouhaidar
Healthcare Management 

Year: Junior 
Reason for joining USGA: This University has presented me a with an unreal amount of opportunities, experiences and support; my membership in USGA is the best way I could find to give back to a campus that has given me so much.
Personal goals for USGA this year: USGA serves as the student voice and aims to serve undergraduate students to the best of its ability. My personal goals for the Division of Communications is to transparently update students on our work as well as promote the resources offered to them through our organization.
Vice President
of Finance

Shaun Kuo
Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Reason for joining USGA: I want to empower UAB’s students by being an effective liaison between administration and the students.
Personal goals for USGA: Improve the reimbursement process for all registered student organizations