USGA Elections - Spring 2015

The Undergraduate Student Government Association holds elections during the Spring Term of each academic school year. Thank you to all of those who participated and congratulations to those elected. We are looking forward to another great year! If you're still interested in getting involved, look for the appointment application in the following week. 

2015-2016 Undergraduate Student Government Association General Election Results

Garrett Stephens

Executive Vice President
Briana Miller

Vice President of Communications
Alinea Esensoy

Vice President of Finance
Chirag Patel

Vice President of Student Services
Catherine McCarty

Senators – College of Arts & Sciences (15 Senate seats)
1.    Andrew Viegas
2.    Baylee Gilchrist
3.    Blaire Landry
4.    Emilee Anders
5.    Evan Smith
6.    Jordan Wright
7.    Kevin Lee
8.    Mugdha Mokashi
9.    Rachael Rainey
10.Sarah Griffin
11.Sydney Rice
12.Tamara Imam
13.Tia Davis
14.Tiffany Colburn
15.Timber Wulff

Senators – School of Business (6 Senate Seats)
1.    Raniem Hajazin
2.    Ryan Kalson
3.    Robert James
4.    Avery Powell
5.    Kasie Wright
6.    Thieu Vo

Senators – School of Education (3 Senate Seats)
1.    Akash Patel
2.    Lindsey Schmidt
3.    Jessica Vingers

Senators – School of Engineering (3 Senate seats)
1.    Gail Hoffman
2.    Beau Johnson
3.    Matthew Owens

Senators – School of Health Professions (3 Senate seats)
1.    Kayla Hazelwood
2.    Erica McDonald
3.    Harsh Patel

Senators – School of Nursing (3 Senate seats)
1.    Kaitlyn Bailey
* School of Nursing has 3 seats, but only one candidate. There are two open seats in the School of Nursing to be filled by appointment.

Senator-School of Public Health (2 Senate seats)
1.    Fernando Colunga
2.    Nirja Gajjar

Tuesday, 3/31 – USGA Banquet and Swearing-In, Time TBA, Alumni House