The Internship Coordinator is responsible for the internship process of any undergraduate student interested in appointment to the USGA Senate. They also provide information to individuals interested in the Student Court and various USGA committees.

All students interested in filling an open senate seat in their respective school or as a Senator-at-Large must complete an internship process. There is a 2.0 GPA requirement for members of this program unless you are a first-semester freshman. This process includes:
  • A minimum of six (6) office hours in addition to the attendance of the committee and senate meeting that can be performed doing a variety of tasks from helping out at an event, helping with surveys, etc.
  • Attendance of at least one (1) Senate meeting.
  • Attendance at the USGA Internship Education Seminar*.
  • Attendance of at least one standing Committee meeting:
    • Publicity Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Programs Committee
    • Services Committee
Dates will be posted no later than two weeks prior to the seminar and will occur at least three times each semester.

Upon completion of the tasks above and once the intern has served at least two weeks in the internship program, the President or Internship Coordinator may nominate an intern for a Senate position and the intern will go up for appointment at a USGA Senate meeting. If the intern is appointed to the senate, the individual will become a voting member of the Senate immediately. Former members of the Senate and Executive Cabinet are exempt from the internship requirements for appointment to the Senate.

For those interested in appointment to the USGA Senate or if you would like more information about Senate or standing committees, please contact Tiffany Colburn, at