The Travel Grant Program was established to assist eligible undergraduate students with travel-related costs incurred while attending conferences and conventions with UAB affiliated groups and organizations. 

Travel grants can cover transportation, lodging, and convention/conference registration fees. 

Up to 50% of acquired expenses will be reimbursed with a maximum grant of $300 for domestic travel and $800 for international travel. 

Travel Grant Guide

Click the link above and follow the instructions listed in the guide.


  • Travel Grant Applications must be submitted three weeks before travel
  • The student must be a undergraduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham at the time of application and the time of travel
  • Transportation, lodging, and registration fees are the only expenses which may be considered for payment or reimbursement
  • The Travel Grant Program will reimburse students for up to 50% of out of pocket expenses to a maximum of $300 (or $500 for travel out of country)
  • You may receive one travel grant per academic year


  • Application — please submit completed application through Engage
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Travel Grants Coordinator
    • Bring the Conference Materials and Letter of Endorsement from Advisor to meeting
  • Letter of endorsement from advisor (and from Dean for out of country travel)
  • Copy of Conference materials — must have conference name and schedule at a glance


  • Within two weeks of return from travel, student must submit all eligible receipts. Receipts can be returned to Rec 190 in an envelope with your name on it, scanned, or emailed.
  • The reimbursement process can take several weeks. Please be patient with the Travel Grants Program while we process your reimbursement. You will receive an email when your check is ready.