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Kevin Peters
Graduate Student

Kevin's Journal

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Lab Open House5/10/2004 10:57:09 AM

Hello to everyone out there. I know it has been a while since I have written a journal entry, but I am still doing fine down here.

This past week, we had our weekly science lecture take on a little different form. Instead of everyone gathering in the lounge to listen to someone give a ...

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Winter Darts!4/20/2004 11:56:08 AM

The winter crew has settled in nicely and things are going quite well now. It is great to see several of the people that were here when I left Palmer last June. Another fun part of the winter crowd getting here is the tradition of Continental Darts!

Continental Darts is where many of the ...

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Shhhh…where is everybody?4/12/2004 8:39:03 PM

Well, hello again to everyone. I am still here; no one needs to worry! Things are going smoothly still even though we are less one member of our team (Sorry Chuck) and plus 3 new people (Good to see you Bill, Jim, and Dan).

When the ship left, it took most of the people that have ...

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A Day in a Crevasse4/7/2004 9:45:25 AM

It has been a while since I have written a journal entry. I hope no one has missed me too much! Everything down here is going pretty well. We have been able to get out diving most days and are getting a lot of work done in the labs as well. However, there was a day last week that our group ...

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Diving in Antarctica: the dive!3/25/2004 5:30:27 PM

Greetings to everyone again! Last week’s adventure is not part of the norm down here. We like to keep things very simple when we can, and diving is no different. You have read in Chuck’s and Maggie’s journal entries about getting ready and getting out to the dive sites. Now, I will let you in on the diving experience!

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Diving in Antarctica: diving with “friends”3/17/2004 5:05:11 PM

Hello again to everyone! I know that each and everyone of you have been keeping up with everyone’s journal entries while we have been down here, so you know a little about what we are doing. Chuck has already told ...

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Starry, Starry Nights!3/12/2004 1:45:08 PM

Hello again to everyone! Things have been going pretty well down here although the past several days have made it impossible to go out diving. Due to no diving, I have been able to spend more time in the lab (Chuck likes that). One of the things that I do in the labs is test the palatability ...

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Living at Palmer Station3/5/2004 9:50:59 AM

Here I am again! For the second week in a row, I have changed something about my appearance. Last week was the haircut, this week was the hair coloring. I now have what people are calling reddish hair. It really depends on the lighting as to how well you can see it. A lot of ...

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Boating (installmant two)2/28/2004 4:26:21 AM

One small little comment to make because some of you might notice…I got a haircut. Let me know what you think when you see the pictures.

The final part of Boating 1 is where we first get to do something “hands on” occurred in the boathouse and was dedicated to the hands-on ...

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Boating (installment one)2/25/2004 6:41:09 PM

{Moderator's comment: Kevin's entry is so long and detailed that we are splitting it into two parts. Look for part two on Saturday, 28 February!}

Here I am again, to tell you more about our experiences down here at Palmer Station. We have now been here a week and it ...

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ECW Gear2/21/2004 9:50:04 AM

The weather down at Palmer Station is what you might consider a bit chilly! It is not the brutal cold that the other two American stations on the continent get where temperatures can often drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit, but it is cold enough to require some extra clothing that an Alabama boy ...

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Southward Bound2/6/2004 8:54:23 AM

Why is it that there is never enough time when you need it the most? I have known for about 6 months that I would be leaving this weekend to head back to Antarctica, but it seems like I left almost everything that I should have done in that 6 months until this week. I am going to work as hard as ...

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