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Faculty: Faculty evaluation
The institution regularly evaluates the effectiveness of each faculty member in accord with published criteria, regardless of contractual or tenured status.

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Off-site Committee Comments


The University of Alabama Birmingham evaluates the effectiveness of each faculty member annually. The policy, criteria, and procedures are established in the University Faculty Handbook and Policies and can also be found in the University Policies and Procedures Library. Annual evaluations are conducted by department chairs and vary according to the particular demands of individual departments, relative to teaching, research, and service. Evidence of adherence to this policy was not provided. However, the report stated that examples of completed evaluations will be available during the on-site review.


Institutional Response


Examples of annual evaluations from each school/college for a range of rank and tenure status are included below. It should be noted that each school/college has developed its own evaluation approach based upon reporting systems; balance among teaching, research, service, and clinical responsibilities; tradition; and governance. 


School or


Arts and Sciences CAS Adjunct (Non-tenure Track) 1CAS Adjunct (Non-tenure Track) 2CAS Adjunct (Non-tenure Track) 3CAS Adjunct (Non-tenure Track) 4CAS Adjunct (Non-tenure Track) 5CAS Instructor (Non-tenure Track) 1CAS Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1CAS Assistant Professor (Untenured) 2CAS Associate Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1CAS Associate Professor (Tenured) 1
Business BUS Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1BUS Associate Professor (Tenured) 1BUS Associate Professor (Tenured) 2BUS Professor (Tenured) 1
Dentistry DENT Assistant Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1DENT Associate Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1DENT Associate Professor (Non-tenure Track) 2DENT Associate Professor (Non-tenure Track) 3
Education EDU Assistant Professor (Tenured) 1EDU Associate Professor (Tenure Track) 1EDU Professor (Tenured) 1
Engineering EGR Instructor (Non-tenure Track)EGR Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1EGR Assistant Professor (Untenured) 2EGR Associate Professor (Tenured)EGR Professor (Tenured)
Health Professions

SHP Credentialed Course Instructor (Non-Tenure Track) 1SHP Credentialed Course Instructor (Non-Tenure Track) 2SHP Assistant Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1SHP Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1SHP Associate Professor (Tenured) 1

Medicine (with Joint Health Sciences) MED Assistant Professor (Non Tenure Track) 1MED Assistant Professor (Non Tenure Track) 2MED Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1, , MED Associate Professor (Tenured) 1, MED Associate Professor (Non Tenure Track) 1MED Associate Professor (Non Tenure Track) 2MED Associate Professor (Non-Tenure Track) 3MED Associate Professor (Untenured) 1MED Associate Professor (Untenured) 2MED Associate Professor (Untenured) 3MED Professor (Tenured) 1MED Professor (Tenured) 2MED Professor (Tenured) 3, MED Professor (Tenured) 4
Nursing NUR Instructor (Non-tenure Track) 1NUR Assistant Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1NUR Associate Professor (Tenured) 1NUR Professor (Non-tenure Track) 1
Optometry OPT Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1OPT Associate Professor (Non-tenure track) 1OPT Associate Professor (Non-tenure track) 2OPT Associate Professor (Tenured) 1OPT Associate Professor (Tenured) 2OPT Professor (Tenured) 1OPT Professor (Tenured) 2OPT Professor (Tenured) 3
Public Health SOPH Assistant Professor (Untenured) 1SOPH Associate Professor (Tenured) 1SOPH Professor (Tenured) 1





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