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UAB Policy
Data (electronic) created at UAB must be protected and maintained in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and university policies.
UAB Policy
UAB computer and network devices may only be used for work related to the university or for other approved activities. If these resources are used for destructive, disruptive or illegal activities, the right to use these resources may be revoked.
UAB Policy
UAB will comply with copyright law and license agreements entered into with vendors or authors of computer software. No illegally obtained or illegally copied computer software is allowed at UAB. UAB does not condone illegal copying of computer software or the use of illegally copied or obtained computer software.
UAB Policy
The Computer Software Policy describes the process for maintaining intellectual property, ownership and equities, with regards to computer software developed at UAB.
UAB Guideline
The UAB IT Security Practices are designed to assist UAB IT or Health Systems Information Services system administrators in securing classified data. This document includes a checklist of items which may be used as guidelines for ensuring data security.
UAB Policy
All laptops that are used for UAB business must adhere to the Portable Computing Device Security Standards. This document defines these standards and outlines the procedures for protecting a portable computing device.
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