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Faculty News

  • Meet new provost Janet Woodruff-Borden, Ph.D.
    Woodruff-Borden, who joined UAB as senior vice president of Academic Affairs and provost on Feb. 1, shares how UAB’s bold culture attracted her to Birmingham, outlines her priorities and points to several opportunities for growth.
  • Love it or hate it, generative AI is not going away
    Here’s how UAB’s Center for Teaching and Learning is responding, and how UAB faculty are using gen AI this semester to teach first-year composition, graduate-level professional writing and information security.
  • Hands-on review: What the president of a national group of writing program leaders thinks of ChatGPT
    Lilian Mina, Ph.D., director of the writing program in the Department of English, shares how she has used generative AI tools in her upper-level Professional Writing course this semester.