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UAB Policy
All laboratories and related support areas in all UAB buildings, facilities, and spaces shall be labeled with the name and after hours telephone number of the principal investigator and two alternates.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This manual outlines proper safety procedures for the use and disposal of chemicals in UAB facilities.
UAB Guideline
This guide details the requirements associated with using lead aprons in UAB facilities. This document also includes safety precautions associated with lead aprons, a listing of specific types of aprons, criteria for purchase, replacement or repair of aprons, and proper disposal of aprons after use.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This manual describes the hazards and safety precautions associated with the use of lasers. A copy of this manual must be available in facilities using Class 3b or Class 4 lasers.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document details specific biosafety guidelines for UAB laboratories and facilities that use biological agents.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document details the safety procedures associated with the proper use and disposal of radioactive materials.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This manual contains numerous policies pertaining to the General Health and Safety Management Program at UAB.
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