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The UAB Policies and Procedures Library is a repository of all current university-wide policies and associated procedures. Find the information you need by browsing the collection using the title index, keyword index, or unit index. You may also locate documents by using the advanced search engine for full text search.

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  • Policies and procedures affecting UAB students and faculty, including Faculty Handbook policies, benefits, opportunities, requirements and other student and faculty-related issues.
  • Administration
    Policies that are of a general administrative or operational nature.
  • UAB Business Services
    Policies related to non-education and general business services provided for the university.
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines related to University accounting, procurement, purchasing, and other financial matters. See also UAB Financial Affairs Website for additional information, procedures and guidelines.
  • Policies detailing benefits, opportunities, and other issues that affect University employees.
  • Information Technology
    Policies related to UAB’s data systems, networks, the University Web and various technical regulations.
  • Research
    Policies, procedures, and guidelines related to UAB research, research environments, and corresponding requirements and regulations.

 Recently Updated Items

  • UAB is committed to equal opportunity in education, and employment, and the maintenance and promotion of nondiscrimination and prevention of discriminatory harassment in all aspects of education, recruitment and employment of individuals throughout the university.
  • The purpose of this policy is to help to identify and prevent incidents of violence and reduce the effects of violence on victims, and set forth consequences for committing or threatening to commit a violent act.
  • The purpose of this policy is to foster an environment that respects the dignity of its students, faculty, and staff free from discrimination on the basis of sex.
  • These procedures will be used to investigate and resolve all complaints of sexual misconduct against UAB faculty and staff members, affiliates, and non-affiliates (i.e. someone not associated with UAB), as appropriate, and should be read in conjunction with UAB's Title IX Sexual Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • These procedures will be used to investigate and resolve all complaints of sexual misconduct against UAB students and should be read in conjunction with UAB's Title IX Sexual Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • The purpose of effort reporting is to comply with federal government mandates to ensure the proper charging of labor costs to federally and non-federally sponsored activities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). This includes salaries, wages, and benefits.
  • By accepting Sponsored Project awards, UAB agrees to comply with regulations and cost principles governing the use of such funds and to ensure that costs charged against those funds are allowable, allocable, reasonable, consistently applied, and conform to any exclusions or limitations set forth by the sponsored agreements. All who submit effort reports or are involved in their administration are required to follow these procedures to ensure proper charging of labor costs to all sponsored activities and compliance with Uniform Guidance for federal awards.
  • The department/unit head ultimately is responsible for the equipment affiliated to his or her department/unit. This includes equipment that has been purchased with a UAB account number, equipment that has been donated to UAB from an external entity, or equipment that has been purchased by a related foundation (i.e. Health Services, UAB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship).
  • This procedure states the process and requirements for tracking and recording nonexempt employees' time.
  • This policy work breaks and meal periods for UAB employees, as well as breaks for nursing mothers.
  • This policy implements the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 for faculty members and for administrative, professional, and support staff of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  • This policy details eligibility and accrual rates for sick time and other specifications related to this specific employee benefit.
  • Under certain circumstances, an employee may voluntarily donate to another employee, or receive from another employee, accrued sick time under a sick time donation plan as described in this policy.
  • The Paid Parental Leave Policy supports faculty and staff in their efforts to balance work with family life by allowing parents additional flexibility and time to bond with their new child and adjust to their new family situation.
  • This policy ensures that UAB covered entities implement certain human resources requirements to protect against the wrongful use or disclosure of protected health information (PHI) in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA") and Alabama state law.
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