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The UAB Policies and Procedures Library is a repository of all current university-wide policies and associated procedures. Find the information you need by browsing the collection using the title index, keyword index, or unit index. You may also locate documents by using the advanced search engine for full text search.

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  • Policies and procedures affecting UAB students and faculty, including Faculty Handbook policies, benefits, opportunities, requirements and other student and faculty-related issues.
  • Administration
    Policies that are of a general administrative or operational nature.
  • UAB Business Services
    Policies related to non-education and general business services provided for the university.
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines related to University accounting, procurement, purchasing, and other financial matters. See also UAB Financial Affairs Website for additional information, procedures and guidelines.
  • Policies detailing benefits, opportunities, and other issues that affect University employees.
  • Information Technology
    Policies related to UAB’s data systems, networks, the University Web and various technical regulations.
  • Research
    Policies, procedures, and guidelines related to UAB research, research environments, and corresponding requirements and regulations.

 Recently Updated Items

  • This policy defines the UAB employee classification/status of a UAB employee who may serve as a principal investigator on externally sponsored grants and contracts. This policy will also help OSP’s user community understand why, in certain cases, the PI of record for the funding entity may not be the PI of record for UAB. For example, on certain training or fellowship grants, UAB designates the mentor as the PI, whereas NIH designates the student as the PI.
  • The use of tobacco and smoking-related products is prohibited in all buildings, facilities, and spaces (including covered walkways and covered parking) that are owned, rented, or leased by the University.
  • UAB is committed to ensuring that students obtain timely medical assistance for themselves and their peers. This policy sets forth conditions under which students will not be subject to conduct action for consumption of alcohol while seeking medical assistance.
  • Our campus continues to actively monitor the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa. While the risk of this disease affecting our campus remains very low, we will remain vigilant to protect the well-being of our students, faculty and staff. For those reasons, we have instituted the following requirements and new procedures for those who have recently traveled from the affected areas, currently designated by the CDC to include Sierra Leone, Guinea or Liberia (”Affected Countries”).
  • This policy addresses attendance requirements for university employees and employees of UAB Hospital and The Kirklin Clinic at UAB Hospital and describes. For hospital employees, this policy describes the steps of corrective action for policy violations.
  • The purpose of this policy is to help to identify and prevent incidents of violence, reduce the effects of violence on victims, and set forth consequences for committing or threatening to commit a violent act.
  • This policy supports the UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct and the University's commitment to maintain an open environment in which UAB Members are able to raise Good Faith concerns and assist appropriate authorities in investigating potential Wrongful Conduct.
  • This policy serves as a guide for students on UAB's expectations for behavior relating to interpersonal interaction, responsibility and respect, and as a measure to determine if behaviors trespassed on community values. It explains how the University will proceed once it is made aware of possible student violence and sexual misconduct in keeping with our institutional values and to meet our legal obligations under Title IX and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • This policy describes The Office of Student's Life's requirement for full-time employees and certain others to wear a staff uniform shirt.
  • UAB provides severance pay and benefits for full-time regular nonfaculty exempt (monthly paid) employees and non-exempt (bi-weekly paid) employees.
  • This policy establishes guidelines for implementing patient rights related to health information by UAB/UAB Health System Covered Entities, in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and Alabama state law.
  • This policy describes essential considerations and requirements in responsible authorship and publication and protects the interests of UAB authors in the scientific and scholarly process.
  • This policy requires owners/operators of chartered, leased, or loaned aircraft to provide evidence of aviation liability insurance and defines limits of liability defined by type and use of the aircraft.
  • This policy establishes UAB's approach to maintaining accreditation and communicating with accrediting bodies.
  • This policy establishes a consistent definition of credit hours for use throughout the university.
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