Lab Resources

    Our lab is situated in the Shelby Biomedical Research Building of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The lab is well equipped for all kinds of tissue culture and hybridoma production. It also has the capabilities for protein expression (E. coli, Drosophila, Sf9 and mammalian cell culture, and protein purification (Pharmacia, AKTA FPLC).

    The lab has state of the art flow cytometry equipment including a BD FACSAria cell sorter and a BD FACScalibur flow cytometer, both of which are available 24/7 to our lab members for hands-on use.

    The imaging facility contains a Leica DMRB vertical research microscope equipped with a C5180 Hamamatsu Digital Camera and imaging software. We also have an automated Leica DMR IRBE inverted microscope equipped with fluorescence and phase contrast. Improvision Openlab control and analysis software for this microscope facilitates real-time 4-color, deconvolution, confocal microscopy of live-cell culture and cellular interactions using Bioptics micro-environmentally controlled chambers.

    There is a well-equipped histology laboratory with cryostat and paraffin embedding equipment.

    We have a state of the art animal facility maintained by UAB Animal Resources Program for the production and support of normal and immunocompromised nude and scid mice and housing of transgenic mice.

    There are a large number of specialized core facilities available on campus. These include a fully equipped electron microscope facility, nucleotide sequencing core facility, media preparation facility, and fermentation facility. There is a transgenic mouse facility to which we have ample access. Of particular importance is the High Resolution Imaging Core Facility which has three Leica TCS NT confocal instruments equipped with an assortment of lasers and equipped for two photon microscopy.
Graduate Education

The Department of Microbiology along with the Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology Program at UAB offer a large number of opportunities for graduate education. Please contact Kristina Sinclair via email ( for more information.
Postdoctoral Positions

As of April 2016, I am looking for highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellows to participate in studies on B cell repertoire development and the role of protective antibodies in models of allergic airway disease and type one diabetes.  My laboratory is located in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We have been fortunate to receive excellent NIH and private foundation funding for these new studies over the next five years. I am especially interested in finding prospective Fellows who would appreciate an opportunity to grow in a highly collaborative and collegial environment. The strong programs in Immunology at UAB have been strengthened by the recent recruitment of Dr. Fran Lund as our new Department of Microbiology chair and her husband, Dr. Troy Randall, to the Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology. I would appreciate if this info could be conveyed to potential Postdocs or others interested in these opportunities.

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