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Illumina Sequencing

Rare Disease Symposium 2016 Flyer 002 Page 2The Genomics Core now has an Illumina NextSeq500 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) instrument! This will expand our capacity of services already offered for NGS.  Feel free to call or email us to find out more about our newest addition.

Never has there been a more exciting time in the history of genetics and genomics research than today! Genomic technologies are advancing on a daily basis, with better, faster, and cheaper methodologies being developed at an astonishing rate. 

The Genomics Core Laboratory has the capability of performing standard fluorescent and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), high and low throughput custom genotyping from 1 SNP to more than 5 million SNPs, whole genome linkage and association studies, targeted and whole genome gene expression, and targeted and whole genome assays.

The Genomic Core Laboratory has the capacity to provide a wide range of genomic services to the UAB community including:

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