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Committed to the study of infectious and immune-mediated diseases, the Department of Microbiology is an integral part of the vibrant biomedical research community at UAB.

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We're dedicated to conducting cutting-edge, fundamental basic and translational research to improve human health and educating the next generation of scientists.

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Our faculty, staff, and trainees play an exceptionally critical role in shaping the future of academic medicine through their expertise in education and basic and translational research.

Latest Department News and Updates

  • Fran Lund, Ph.D., named an AAI Distinguished Fellow
    Feb 06, 2024
  • An enhanced brain delivery of antibodies heightens the potential to treat brain diseases
    Jan 03, 2024
  • Type 1 diabetes: B cell-derived natural antibodies suppress autoimmune pathogenesis
    Dec 05, 2023
  • Potential therapeutic target found to combat tuberculosis, a disrupted NAD(H) homeostasis
    Nov 20, 2023

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