Paying for College: Alabama Residents


  • Payment Information Payment Information

    Learn how, when, and where to submit your payment to UAB.

  • Policies for Alabama Residents Policies for Alabama Residents

    We take our policies seriously, and you should, too. Make sure you know and understand the UAB policies that will apply to you once you complete your forms. These policies apply to all students.

  • Scholarships for Alabama Residents Scholarships for Alabama Residents

    Enjoy the rewards for your hard work and talents.

  • Grants Grants

    Fund your college education with a grant—money for your future that doesn’t have to be paid back.

  • Loans Loans

    Finance your future with a student loan—paid back over a long period of time at a low interest rate.

  • Part-Time Jobs Part-Time Jobs

    UAB's location in the heart of a growing metropolitan area means you have countless opportunities right at your doorstep.

  • College Costs (Alabama Residents) College Costs (Alabama Residents)

    Enjoy the benefits of a world-class university at a fraction of the cost.