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The Importance of the UAB Brand

Our recent recognition as the Top Young University in the U.S. (and 12th globally) for the second consecutive year underscores the reputation and respect that UAB enjoys worldwide. It is important that our branding be commensurate with our university’s global prestige and convey most compellingly what “UAB” signifies, both literally and in terms of our core strengths—such as innovation, collaboration, diversity and strong community partnerships. For that reason, our senior leadership has made it a priority to continually grow, promote and protect the UAB brand.

One way we project our brand is through logos, colors and other marks. These symbolize the innovative work done each day by our faculty, staff and students, and, accordingly, these icons should be crisp, consistent and elegant. To that end, Marketing & Communications has produced this updated Brand and Communication Toolkit to help us more effectively promote and protect our brand collectively, including new guidelines on how to use the UAB logo in a brochure or poster presentation, on a website, or even a T-shirt or ball cap.

With this important new resource we can help ensure that the quality of UAB branding is befitting our reputation for excellence in education, research and innovation, patient care and community engagement—around our state, the nation and the world.

Ray L. Watts, M.D.

Feedback/Need Help?

Can't find what you need? Do you have suggestions for items to add to our brand and communications toolkit? Email marketing@uab.edu, and we'll connect you with the right Marketing & Communications team member.

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