Scholarships for Alabama Residents

Enjoy the rewards for your hard work and talents. From merit-based scholarships to performance and athletic scholarships, UAB has a tremendous number of resources to support you financially while you study here. Follow the links below to learn about the scholarships that may be available to you.

Art and Performance

UAB ScholarshipsYou deserve more than just “bravo.” You deserve resources to support your artistic development. UAB offers scholarships in the visual and performing arts to help you hone your craft and make the most of your exceptional talents. Just remember to thank us in the playbill.

  • Theatre Scholarships

    Find scholarships and stipends to support your on- or off-stage theatrical endeavors.

  • Art & Art History Scholarships

    A UAB art or art history scholarship can buy a lot of paint (or clay, or ink, or charcoal, or software, or scrap metal).

  • Music Scholarships

    Worrying about money is bad for the vocal cords and tough on auditions. (There’s actually some science behind that.)


UAB ScholarshipsLet all that time you spent on the practice field pay for some equally valuable time in the classroom.

  • Athletic Scholarships

    We’re proud to support our outstanding student athletes. The athletic prowess that got you on the team can help you in your pursuit of academic…


UAB ScholarshipsYou’ve put extra time and extra effort into academics, and good for you! Why? Because all of that hard work can lead to an extra reward in the form of a merit-based academic scholarship. (Remember how your mom told you that hard work pays off? Well, she was right. Again.)

To be eligible for an academic scholarship at UAB, you must apply by February 1. (Some school and departmental scholarships may have earlier deadlines.) Apply soon—don’t miss the deadline. (Have you noticed how we keep telling you to do things soon, and early? Well, that’s certainly not because we like to hear ourselves talk. We really, really mean it.)