UAB Faculty Handbook

UAB Faculty Handbook

While individual Faculty Handbook policy pages are being updated in the transitional policy management platform, please access a PDF of the complete, current (September 2020) version of the UAB Faculty Handbook & Policies here.


1.0 Organization

1.1 History 

1.2 Governance 

1.2.1 Board of Trustees 

1.2.2 The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) UAB Faculty Participation in Shared Governance in a Community of Learners Faculty Representation and Participation on University Committees Faculty Representation and Participation on Academic Unit or Departmental Committees Faculty Participation in Evaluation of University and Academic Administrators Faculty Senate Evaluation of University and Academic Administrators Faculty Participation in Administrator Evaluations Conducted at the Academic Unit or Departmental Level 

 1.3 Mission 

1.3.1 The University of Alabama System 

1.3.2 The University of Alabama at Birmingham 


2.0 Faculty Appointments, Promotions, Tenure, Resignation, Termination, and Grievance 

2.1 UAB Equal Opportunity Policy 

2.2 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities 

2.3 Faculty Senate 

2.4 UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee 

2.5 Types of Faculty Appointments 

2.5.1 Primary Faculty Appointments 

2.5.2 Secondary Faculty Appointments 

2.5.3 Non-academic Appointments 

2.5.4 Part-Time Tenure-Earning and Tenured Appointments 

2.5.5 Non-tenure-earning Faculty Appointments 

2.5.6 Graduate Faculty Appointments 

2.5.7 Temporary Faculty Appointment and Reappointment 

2.6 Faculty Ranks 

2.6.1 Instructor 

2.6.2 Assistant Professor 

2.6.3 Associate Professor 

2.6.4 Professor 

2.7 Titles for Academic Librarians (This section is no longer applicable.)

2.8 Special Faculty Ranks and Appointments 

2.8.1 Distinguished Professor 

2.8.2 Distinguished Service Professor 

2.8.3 University Professor 

2.8.4 Academic Chairs, Professorships, and Endowed Lectureships 

2.8.5 Emeritus Faculty 

2.9 Faculty Credentials 

2.10 Specific Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, and Award of Tenure 

2.10.1 Effectiveness as a Teacher 

2.10.2 Effectiveness in Scholarly Activities 

2.10.3 Effectiveness in Service Activities 

2.11 Procedures for Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions, and Awards of Tenure 

2.11.1 School or Library Committees 

2.11.2 Departmental Policies and Committees 

2.12 Initial Appointments of Faculty 

2.12.1 Appointments with Tenure 

2.12.2 Appointments as Instructor 

2.12.3 Appointments as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor 

2.12.4 Appointments as Professor 

2.13 Reappointment and Non-reappointment of Non-tenured Faculty 

2.13.1 Review for Reappointment and Non-reappointment of Non-tenure-earning Faculty 

2.13.2 Review for Reappointment and Non-reappointment of Tenure-earning Faculty 

2.13.3 Notice of Non-reappointment 

2.13.4 Non-reappointment Because of Changes in Program Priorities 

2.13.5 Termination of a Non-Tenured Faculty Member for Cause

2.14 Annual Faculty Evaluations

2.14.1 Process of Annual Evaluations

2.14.2 Faculty Member Rights

2.14.3 Appeals of Annual Faculty Evaluation

2.15 Tenure 

2.15.1 General Statement 

2.15.2 Tenure Eligibility 

2.15.3 Tenure by Faculty Rank 

2.15.4 Length of Tenure-earning Period 

2.15.5 Extension of Tenure-earning Period 

2.15.6 Changes in Tenure-earning Status 

2.15.7 Review for Progress Toward Award of Tenure 

2.15.8 Review for Award of Tenure Departmental and School or Library Committee Review Review and Decision of Dean Notification of Faculty Member Non-award of Tenure Because of Changes in Program Priorities 

2.16 Faculty Promotion 

2.16.1 Review for Progress Toward Promotion 

2.16.2 Review for Promotion 

2.17 Appeals 

2.18 Termination of Employment of Tenured Faculty 

2.18.1 Termination for Cause 

2.18.2 Termination of Tenured Faculty Due to Bona Fide Financial Exigency, Bona Fide Financial Crisis, or Academic Program/Unit Closure General Grounds for Termination Re-employment of Tenured Faculty Dismissed as a Result of Bona Fide Financial Exigency, Bona Fide Financial Crisis, or Academic Program/Unit Closure 

2.18.3 Bona Fide Financial Crisis and Bona Fide Financial Exigency Acquisition of Faculty Advice by the Provost Provost's Actions President's Actions 

2.18.4 Procedures for Academic Program/Unit Closure Acquisition of Faculty Advice Concerning the Recommendation Provost's Action President's Action 

2.19 Grievances (other than appeals) 

2.19.1 UAB Grievance and Termination Hearing Panel 

2.20 Resignation 

2.21 Retirement

2.22 Supervisors with Institutionally-Determined Conflicts of Interest


3.0 Other Faculty Rights and Responsibilities 

3.1 Principles of Responsibilities 

3.2 Academic Freedom 

3.3 Political Activity 

3.4 Fundraising 

3.5 Maintenance of Ethical Standards When Conducting Teaching, Research, Scholarship, and Service Activities 

3.6 Standards of Behavior 

3.7 Nepotism Policy 

3.8 Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy 

3.9 Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (Patent Policy) 

3.10 Copyright 

3.11 External and Internal Activities 

3.11.1 External Activities 

3.11.2 Internal Activities 

3.11.3 Conflict of Commitment and Conflicts of Interest 

3.12 Development and Ownership of Digital Media and Software

3.13 Acceptable Use of Digital Media and Software 

3.14 Data Protection and Security

3.15 Execution and Review of Contracts for the University of Alabama at Birmingham 

3.16 Extramurally Sponsored Programs

4.0 Holidays, Vacation, Sick Time, and Leaves 

4.1 Holidays

4.2 Vacation Policy 

4.3 Sick Time 

4.4 Sabbatical Leave

4.4.1 Eligibility

4.4.2 Plan of Activities During Sabbatical Leave

4.4.3 Approval of Sabbatical Leave

4.4.4 Accrual of Vacation and Sick Leave While on Sabbatical 

4.4.5 Upon Conclusion of Sabbatical Leave 

4.5 Other Leaves of Absence 

4.5.1 Personal Leave 

4.5.2 Family and Medical Leave of Absence (refer to UAB policy) Paid Parental Leave

4.5.3 Military Leave 

4.5.4 Educational Leave

4.5.5 Modified Duties 


Appendix A. Faculty Grievance Procedures 

I. Filing a Grievance 

II. The Grievance Committee 

III. Participant Responsibilities 

A. Responsibilities of the Grievance Committee 

B. Responsibilities of the Grievant 

C. Responsibilities of the Party(ies) against whom the grievance is filed [Accused Party(ies)] 

IV. Right to Advisor 

V. Grievance Committee Procedure 

A. Preparation for Grievance Hearing 

B. The Grievance Hearing 

C. The Grievance Committee Report 

VI. Action by Provost 

VII. Final Action


Appendix B. Review of Recommendations for Termination for Cause of a Tenured Faculty Member or a Faculty Member Whose Term of Appointment Has Not Expired

I. Initiation of Proceedings 

II. Response 

III. Suspension 

IV. The Hearing Committee 

V. Procedure

A. Pre-hearing 

B. Hearing 

VI. Committee Decision 

VII. President’s Decision


Appendix C. Review of Recommendations for Termination of a Faculty Member Due to a Bona Fide Financial Exigency, Bona Fide Financial Crisis or Academic Program/Unit Closure 

I. Initiation of Proceedings 

II. Response 

III. The Hearing Committee 

IV. Procedure 

A. Pre-hearing 

B. Hearing 

V. Committee Decision 

VI. The President’s Decision


Appendix D. Recommended Guidelines for Annual Faculty Evaluation

I. Introduction

II. Who

III. Schedule

IV. Format

V. Content/Assessment


Appendix E. FAQ: Best Practices for Promotion and Tenure

I.  Best Practice Benchmarks for Tenure-earning Periods

II.  Preparing While Building Academic Merit

III.  Beginning the Process

IV.  Application Content

V.  Selected References