Scheduling and Use of the UAB Campus Green - HSC Student Affairs Policy (VIII-029)

Scheduling and Use of the UAB Campus Green - HSC Student Affairs Policy (VIII-029)

This policy describes the regulations associated with the scheduling and use of the UAB Campus Green.
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Policy Number: SA VIII-029 

Policy Number: SA VIII-029
Policy Date: 4/28/2009




UAB’s Campus Green, affectionately known as “the Green,” is an open green space designed to be accessible, safe, attractive, and to be used by members of the University community and their guests.  The Green is defined as the grassy area bounded by sidewalks, which include University Boulevard, the Campus Recreation Center and steps, Heritage Hall, Chemistry Building, Dining Commons, Camp Hall and 10th Avenue South.  The Green is part of centuries old tradition in higher education:  the provision of a peaceful, open-air area for thoughtful contemplation and social interaction.  The UAB Green has been part of campus since 2008.   It is the University’s “crossroads” and will be the site for many fond memories for future generations of alumni, as well as enjoyment for current students.


  1. The scheduling of the UAB Campus Green (the Green) will be done on a first-come, first-served basis according to the following priorities:
  1. UAB-wide programs, committees, and recognized student organizations (in good standing)
  2. Faculty, staff, and administration on behalf of their UAB office/department or for those professional organizations/affiliations whose activities are sponsored and coordinated by a UAB office/department
  1. In order that appropriate accommodations may be provided, a notice of at least fifteen (15) business days is required for scheduling the Green.  Exceptions may be approved by the Director of Hill Student Center Operations on an individual basis.  
  2. Scheduling of events and activities for the Green will be handled by the Hill University Center Scheduling Office using the Facility Reservation Request Form (Exhibit SA VIII-004-2). The Scheduling Office reserves the right to assign space (possibly different than requested) to best use all areas of the Green efficiently.  Any alternate assignments will be placed in writing to the requestor prior to a confirmation being sent. This may also include recommending the use of other campus venues as an alternate location (i.e., the UAB Mini Park or the Commons Plaza).
  3. Scheduling by recognized student organizations may be for only one semester at a time.  Recognized student organizations may start submitting requests for an upcoming term, at the beginning of the prior term.  (i.e. requests for Fall semester could be submitted starting the beginning of Summer semester).
  4. UAB student programming groups and recognized student organizations will be required to have their advisor’s signature on all Facility Reservation Request Forms (Exhibit SA VIII-004-2).  Advisors will be notified of all changes and cancellations, though no signature will be required.
  5. The Green will be divided into five areas that can be reserved individually or as a whole.  The areas will consist of the North Green, the South Green, the North Plaza, the West Plaza, and the East Plaza.
  6. To ensure the integrity of the Campus Green, the North Green, to include the North Plaza, and the South Green, to include the East and West Plazas, can only be reserved once a weekend (Friday night through Sunday night).  For example, if the North Green is reserved for Friday night, it is not to be scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday.
  7. Security requirements for events taking place on the Green are to be determined jointly by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and the UAB Chief of Police.  Arrangements for security must be made by the sponsoring organization through the Office of Student Involvement, HUC 440, at least ten business days prior to the event, to include any payment of associated costs.
  8. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are prohibited on the Green.
  9. Individuals or groups are responsible for the behavior of their members and guests.
  10. Users, including sponsoring organizations, are responsible and accountable for the cleanliness and order of all open spaces following their use. This is defined as placing all trash in containers placed on the Campus Green or disposing of trash in designated dumpsters.  Users will be billed for cleanup that they do not adequately complete themselves.  Individuals or groups will also be responsible for any damage to, or theft of, any property.  Damages will be charged to the individual(s) or group(s) responsible. Any arrangements and related costs and hiring Campus Grounds personnel to provide clean up of the space must be made directly with Campus Grounds prior to an event.
  11. All equipment used in events must be removed no later than two hours after the event has ended unless an extended time limit has been approved in writing by the Director of Hill University Center Operations prior to the event.  Special electrical needs, telephones, water sources, and other unusual needs for events must be approved by the Director of Hill University Center Operations.  Special charges may be assessed for labor and equipment.
  12. Safety of students and the UAB community is the top priority in using the Green and evening events are no exception.  Based on the event, UAB reserves the right to require additional portable lighting to maintain a safe atmosphere.  A group’s lighting plan must be approved at time of scheduling.
  13. No banners, signs, or other materials may be affixed in any way to any trees.  Logos and signage representing other colleges and universities is prohibited on signs and tents and other equipment used at the event.
  14. No bonfires or fireworks permitted.   The use of charcoal grills is also not permitted.  Gas grills may be used with prior authorization from the HUC Scheduling Office.
  15. Any vehicles, including golf carts, necessary in the set-up or conduct of an event shall not cross the grassy or treed portions of the Green without advance permission from the Director of Hill University Center Operations.  Such vehicles should normally be operated solely on the brick walkways and other surrounding hardscape.  ANY OTHER VEHICLULAR TRAFFIC WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.
  16. The use of the Green for personal/family social functions such as weddings, family reunions, family birthday celebrations, etc., is not permitted.
  17. A scheduled use shall have priority over any unscheduled use, even when scheduling is not required by this policy.
  18. Scheduled users will receive a permit indicating the location and other specifics of the event approved by the applicable University official (such as the hours of approved use and approval for any temporary structures, electrical power and/or sound amplification).  The permit must be brought to the event location and available for inspection upon request throughout the duration of the event.
  19. No permanent structures may be erected on the Green.
  20. No activities may be held which render a space unsatisfactory for use in its normal or primary function or which interfere with an activity previously scheduled according to this policy or with normal or scheduled University activities.
  21. Temporary structures, to include but not limited to port-a-lets, are permitted on the Green to the extent their use and location is approved by the HUC Scheduling Office in connection with the scheduling process.  No temporary structures that have a potential safety risk, or pose a threat to underground utilities and/or irrigation, as determined by the Director of  HUC Operations or designee, including without limitation, stages and canopy tents, may be constructed or placed in these spaces unless approved by the Director of HUC Operations or designee.  Temporary structures shall not be constructed or placed at the activity location earlier than the day of the scheduled activity, unless approval for earlier construction or placement is granted by the Director of HUC Operations or designee.  All temporary structures must be removed promptly upon the conclusion of the scheduled activity and, unless approval is granted by the Director of HUC Operations or designee.
  22. All activities or events must be conducted in such a manner that campus pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic are not unreasonably impeded and that members of the University community who are not participating in the activity or event may proceed with their normal activities.  Closing of particular sections of the Green can only be done with special permission in advance.  Adequate signage will be required in such situations.
  23. Due to the close proximity to an academic building, at no time whatsoever will the use of amplified sound be allowed in the North Plaza.  Amplified sound is defined as any form of equipment (i.e., microphone, speakers, amplifiers, bullhorns, musical instruments) used to increase sound levels or any object that does not require equipment to project its sound. In some cases, loud noises and large group singing is also considered amplified sound.
  24. The use of amplified sound (as defined above) is permitted in all other areas of the Green (North and South Green, East and West Plaza) with prior approval from the HSC Scheduling Office during the below outline times.
  1. During the hours of Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 7:00pm, sound levels are not to exceed 60 decibels when measure, “A” weighted, when measured 45 feet from sound source.
  2. During the hours of Monday through Thursday 7:00 pm to 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 12:00am, and Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm sound levels are not to exceed 90 decibels when measure, “A” weighted, when measured 45 feet from sound source.
  1. A proposed event must not present a safety risk or hazard to the participants, to others using the Green, or to underground utilities.  The degree of risk and staffing requirements for all proposed events shall be determined by UAB Police and/or UAB Office of Risk Management and/or UAB Facilities.  Each area will have input as necessary on case by case basis.
  2. UAB reserves the right to cancel any event or activity, if, at any time before or during an event, it is determined that a sponsoring group or participants have breached or misrepresented conditions set forth in these guidelines.  The sponsoring group or participants may then be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  In addition, UAB reserves the right to suspend use of the Campus Green due to extreme weather conditions (too wet or dry).
  3. Any exception to these procedures must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.