Off-campus Solicitation by Students - Student Affairs (Policy VII-013)

Off-campus Solicitation by Students - Student Affairs (Policy VII-013)

Student Affairs policy VII-013 outlines the regulations regarding off-campus solicitation by students.
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Office of Student Life

Policy Number: SA VII-013
Policy Date: 9/12/00


Subject: Off-campus Solicitation by Students

Any student or student organization representing or claiming association with UAB must adhere to the following guidelines in relation to off-campus solicitation:

  1. The term "solicitation" is used to describe the sale of products or the seeking of funds, signatures, merchandise, advertisement, or supplies by a recognized student organization or an individual student.  Solicitation requests are to be coordinated with the UAB Development Office to avoid duplication.
  2. Commercial or for-profit solicitation is not permitted.
  3. The sale of items or solicitation of funds by individuals or organizations is prohibited unless written permission in the form of a permit is obtained from the Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success or his/her designee.  Funds solicited must be for the direct use of the student organization or sponsored program (for example, United Way, American Cancer Society).
  4. When applying for an Off-campus Solicitation permit, the applicant must specify how the income is to be used.  The Division of Student Affairs reserves the right to audit the account and receipts before, during, and after the event.
  5. Off-campus Solicitation permits are issued for a specific time and location.
  6. Off-campus solicitations must be consistent with the educational purposes of UAB.
  7. When soliciting, the individual or organization must have a copy of the Off-campus Solicitation permit available upon request.  The organization or student conducting the solicitation must be identified at every location by means of a sign or an announcement.
  8. Any student or student organization not properly authorized to engage in Off-campus Solicitation efforts shall be subject to disciplinary action.