Student Life 15-Passenger Vans - Student Affairs (Policy VII-035)

Student Life 15-Passenger Vans - Student Affairs (Policy VII-035)

Student Affairs policy VII-035 outlines regulations regarding the use of Student Life 15-passenger vans by student organizations.
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Policy Number: SA VII-035
Policy Date: 9/12/03


(Updated March 1, 2019 for unit name change)

Subject: Student Life 15-Passenger Vans

The UAB Student Life 15-passenger vans are intended for use by Student Life programs; those directly funded and operating through a UAB account. Student organizations are not permitted to use these vehicles. Special requests from within Student Affairs will be considered by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life. These vehicles should not be considered staff cars to be used in place of personal vehicles or the campus taxi.

The following may apply to van use:

  1. Student Life employees with valid driver’s license, (no international licenses will be accepted), proper clearance through Risk Management, and having completed the Environmental Health and Safety 15-Passenger Van Driver Training Course, are permitted to use van on university related business. Other UAB employees may be approved with aforementioned clearance/training. Passengers are not permitted except for conduct of university business.
  2. All potential drivers should complete an MVR Check well in advance of planned use. Driver's information will be forwarded to Risk Management and Insurance.
  3. No one under the age of 21 (employees included) may drive a 15-passenger van.
  4. Students may not drive 15-passenger vans.
  5. Passenger capacity:
  1. When a 15-passenger van is being operated within a 20 mile radius (approximate) of downtown Birmingham, the van may carry 15 passengers.
  2. When a 15-passenger van is used outside this 20 mile radius, the maximum occupancy is 10 plus the driver. In these instances, the rear seat shall not be used for passengers, but may be used to secure luggage and other equipment.
  1. There will be no loading of equipment, luggage or any cargo on top of a 15-passenger van.
  2. There will be no rental of 15-passenger vans from outside entities. UAB car/van rental service may be utilized subject to all restrictions contained herein.
  3. Every effort should be made to avoid towing trailers behind loaded 15-passenger vans.
  4. Insurance: Collision insurance is provided. Employees are covered by the UAB liability coverage. In the event of an accident, a police report must be filed. Also, the Assistant Vice President for Student Life (934-4175) and Office of Risk Management and Insurance (934-5582) must be notified as soon as possible.
  5. Those requesting the van must complete a reservation form. Requests are first-come, first-serve.Requests will be taken a maximum of one year in advance.
  1. The individual reserving the van will be responsible for reminding drivers of policies and for encouraging responsible driving.
  2. The driver will be responsible for encouraging passengers to practice safe riding as well as to abide by van policies.
  1. Use fees
  1. Minimum charge -$25 plus $0.20 per mile charge.
  2. Repairs/Damage -Damages/major mechanical repairs and tires will be prorated back to the accounts using the vehicle over the course of a fiscal year, (October 1 -September 30).
  3. The van will be full of gas at check-out and must be returned full. Users must supply their own gas. A $2 per gallon charge will be assessed for returning the vehicle with less than a full tank of gas.
  1. Prior to a trip:
  1. Arrange purchase of gasoline and other operating expenses through Student Life. There is a state gas card assigned to the van. Other gas credit cards are available through UAB Transportation Services.
  2. Perform a pre-trip inspection to note any cosmetic damage and/or mechanical problems and notify the Office of Student Life at 934-4175. Likewise, the user also should inform that office of any damage and/or mechanical problems immediately after each use.
  3. Check all fluid levels.
  4. Make sure there is sufficient air in tires. Check spare. Max. 55 front; 80 rear.
  5. Check lights and wipers.
  6. Clean windshield and glass.
  7. Limit driving to 8 hours on – 8 hours off
  8. Keep in mind the additional weight you are controlling and additional lives depending on your safe driving.
  9. Never leave vehicle unlocked. Park in a manner that “backing up” will not be necessary when you leave.
  1. Any tickets, fines, etc., are the responsibility of the driver.
  2. Operate van in a safe, defensive manner:
  1. Before moving van, buckle seat belts, make sure all passengers buckle seat belts, crank engine and observe instrument panel gauges.
  2. Obey all speed, parking and traffic laws. Drivers are responsible for charges or violations.
  3. Never leave van keys unattended.
  4. No alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, or firearms are permitted on the van at any time.
  1. After use, make sure van is full of gas and park it in the allotted spaces in Transportation Services lot. Leave it clean inside (remove trash), locked and return keys and mileage slip to Student Life.
  2. Report all mechanical problems immediately to the Assistant Vice President for Student Life.
  3. Student Life is not responsible for items left on the van at any point, during, or after, van use.
  4. The van will be parked at UAB Transportation Services motor pool. Every attempt should be made to return it to this lot during normal hours. The gate for that parking area is unlocked 5:30 a.m. -8:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. You can access the area at other times by contacting UAB Police and requesting that it be unlocked. Do not park the vehicle illegally. Parking the van where it blocks essential UAB building services will result in any charges being passed on the responsible program.
  5. The van will be sent to motor pool quarterly for service. Other repairs will be handled as needed.

Accidents and Insurance

  1. Render assistance to injured person(s). Call 9ll for help as necessary!
  2. Notify the authorities in jurisdiction of accident.
  3. Do not move vehicle until authorities give you permission.
  4. Get all involved persons’ name, phone number, and insurance name and number. The University insurance is with St. Paul Insurance Company and is handled through Pritchett-Moore, Inc., P.O. Box 2086, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403. (205) 758-4441. The van has collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance. A copy of certificate of insurance and identification card are kept in the glove box of the van.
  5. When authorities arrive, give account of accident and do not admit guilt or try to negotiate a settlement between the parties.
  6. An official police report will be prepared by the investigating authority at the scene of the accident before the vehicle(s) are moved.
  7. If the accident is local, call Student Life; otherwise, obtain a copy of the police report, if possible, or have one forwarded to Student Life, then obtain name and address of authority that will mail report.
  8. If damaged vehicle is not drivable, please call Student Life or Motor Pool during office hours for instructions. After hours, call the UAB Police at (205) 934-4434. Report accident to your supervisor.
  9. If vehicle is towed, obtain the name, address and phone number of person/company towing vehicle, and the name, address and phone number of location where vehicle is secured.
  10. Return the completed police accident report, written statement from the driver detailing the accident, and all other pertinent information to Student Life as promptly as possible.



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