Student Organization Monument - Student Affairs (Policy VII-045)

Student Organization Monument - Student Affairs (Policy VII-045)

Student Affairs policy VII-045 outlines reuglations regarding the development of monuments commemorating UAB student organizations.
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Policy Number: SA VII-045
Policy Date: 6/3/09


Subject: Student Organization Monument

The Office of Student Life believes student organizations are at the very core of Student Life.  Many of the traditions and quality out-of-class experiences are historically tied to these groups.  As a result, recognized UAB student organizations may develop monuments commemorating their existence at UAB.  These monuments may include benches on the Campus Green, benches or stones at the outdoor amphitheatre (between the Education Building and Sterne Library near 14th Street South), or similar items in other locations. Requests to locate monuments on campus will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Recognized UAB student organizations may request that a monument commemorating their organization being established on campus. This may commemorate an organization’s founding, an anniversary, a significant achievement, or other note-worthy occasion.
  2. Organizations making a request must complete the attached form.
  3. No group will be considered for a monument until they have been recognized and in good standing for the previous two years. Strong consideration will be given to organizations demonstrating long term stability at UAB.
  4. No monuments will be approved without the organization demonstrating proof that appropriate fundraising/financing has been successfully completed.
  5. Priority consideration will be given to proposals that provide a “benefit” to the University (entry columns, benches, pavers, etc.).
  6. No statements of organizational beliefs or values are appropriate on monuments, plaques, commemorative plates, etc.
  7. All Office of Development and Board of Trustee Policies apply to gifts to UAB. Unless approved by The Board of Trustees to recognize a substantial personal donation, dedication plaques will only reflect the organization’s name, not the officers or members.
  8. UAB reserves the right to remove monuments representing organizations that are inactive or no longer in good standing.
  9. UAB reserves the right to relocate/dismantle a monument, or request that the donor organization relocate/dismantle a monument, should such action be necessary for future campus expansion or renovation at the location of the monument.
  10. Monuments/memorials that could be considered art are subject to review by UAB’s Works of Art Committee.
  11. Items such as living monuments (trees) or operational monuments (fountains) are discouraged as they provide maintenance challenges and potential expense by the University.
  12. This policy does not change the relationship with student organizations that currently have monuments already in place on campus.