Volunteer Travel

Volunteer Travel

Volunteer Travel

Individuals performing services for UAB who receive no compensation from any source for this service are referred to as volunteers. If the individual wishes UAB to cover their normal travel costs, Oracle object code 8302050 Volunteer Travel should be used. This object code is to be used for the basic transportation, meals, and hotel costs of an individual for whom it can be clearly established that:

  • The travel was incurred by that individual in the conduct of UAB business.
  • The travel was at the specific request of UAB.
  • The individual received absolutely no compensation of any kind from any source as a result of performing this service for UAB (not even an "honorarium").
  • The individual is not an employee of UAB nor an employee of any State entity which would subject them to Alabama per diem rules.

If properly handled, volunteer travel is not reportable to the IRS, nor is it taxable to the individual.

Except for the special airline ticket requisition and hotel PO procedures discussed below, volunteers should be informed that they will be responsible for paying the travel expenses incurred in connection with the trip. Reimbursement to the individual volunteer (to the extent permitted by policy) will be made for such costs only after the trip.

The following applies to the accountable travel plan for volunteers. Items not addressed below follow the same guidelines as Employee Travel.

Volunteers should be reimbursed after the trip using an electronic Oracle Payment Request.
Original receipts are required for all expense reimbursement items other than baggage-handling tips.
The requisition should clearly state that the traveler is a volunteer traveling at the request of UAB, is traveling on UAB business (and state what that business is), and that he/she is receiving no compensation of any kind from any source for rendering this service.

Volunteers must be reimbursed actual meal/hotel expenses, not per diem.

Reimbursements for private car mileage must be based upon the federal mileage rate.

Adventure Travel
Volunteer airline tickets may be obtained using the UAB Airline Ticket Requisition process through the UAB Travel Center. The requisition should clearly indicate that the traveler is a "non-compensated volunteer".

Specially worded purchase orders may be issued to secure a room at some local hotels for volunteers visiting the UAB campus. For written instructions on the proper use of this special Hotel PO procedure and a listing of the local area hotels that have entered into contracts with UAB, see the
Procurement website. (Note: Limited Purchase Orders, normal Purchase Orders, and Payment Request forms cannot be used for this purpose.)

Volunteers cannot be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages or alcohol-related costs under any circumstances.

Internet Usage
Internet use can be reimbursed with a statement indicating the business purpose.

Volunteer travel costs should be charged to Oracle object code 8302050 "VolunteerTravel".