Pre-Employment Physical - HR Policy 114

Pre-Employment Physical - HR Policy 114

This policy describes the university's procedures for obtaining pre-employment physicals and drug tests for positions that require such tests.
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 114 – Pre-employment Physical

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 12/08

A pre-employment post-offer physical examination is required for all UAB Hospital, UAB Police employees, Hospital Maintenance, and some classifications of temporary service employees. Each offer of employment shall be conditioned upon the successful completion of a physical examination.

POLICY 114.A General Pre-Employment Physical Examination
The examination includes an evaluation for tuberculosis (TB), review of immunization history, laboratory testing, drug testing and a physical examination. If the exam necessitates, the physician will refer the candidate to his/her own private MD for medical release or follow up treatment. All aspects of the pre-employment physical examination process must be completed and will determine whether the candidate is physically qualified and eligible for employment at UAB.

POLICY 114.B Pre-Employment Drug Testing
UAB is a drug free workplace. As a part of the general pre-employment physical examination, UAB Hospital tests all potential new employees and/or rehires for illegal drugs and controlled substances. Every employee must be free of illegal drug use and controlled substance abuse. Any candidate who tests positive in the pre-employment drug test shall have his/her offer of employment rescinded and shall be ineligible for hire for twelve (12) months.

Pre-employment drug testing is also required for UAB Maintenance and UAB Police Department employees.

POLICY 114.B.1 Drug Testing Procedures
Prior to testing, candidates must sign an approved consent form agreeing to the testing and authorizing the release of test results to the UAB Employee Health Nurse or designee. The consent form also authorizes the Employee Health Nurse or designee to disclose the results to a designated personnel representative and/or others with a need to know. Candidates who refuse to sign the consent form will be rejected.

POLICY 114.B.2 Reporting and Reviewing of Drug Tests
The candidate's specimen will be sent to a certified National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) laboratory. The certified NIDA laboratory will report all test results as required within an average of three days after receipt of a specimen by the laboratory. The Medical Review Officer will review and interpret all test results. In the event of a positive test result, the Employee Health Nurse or designee will notify the personnel representative.

POLICY 114.B.3 Appeal of Drug Test Results and Retesting
A candidate who disputes a positive drug test result may request retesting of that same specimen by contacting the facility where the specimen was submitted. The Medical Review Officer, or designee, at the facility will explain the appeal procedure, timeframe and expense involved.