Temporary Employment Services - HR Policy 120

Temporary Employment Services - HR Policy 120

This policy describes Temporary Services and the services provided.
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Policy 120 – Temporary Employment Services

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 08/18

The University Temporary Employment Services provides the University with a reserve of competent clerical, secretarial, service, technical, and professional personnel to meet the needs of requesting departments for temporary employees. The use of outside temporary agencies is discouraged. Private agencies should be used only after it is determined that no qualified individual is available through the University Temporary Employment Services.

Requests for temporary employees may be submitted online at www.uab.edu/temp. Internal or external advertising is not required. Employees may be assigned part-time or full-time hours for any desired length of time, usually not to exceed 6 months. All time records are maintained in the official UAB timekeeping system; temporary employees are responsible for submitting any time card adjustments to the appropriate department personnel within the proper time period.

If the person employed through Temporary Services has a documented disability, through the UAB AWARE program, the Temporary Services fee (surcharge to the department) will be waived for the first month.

Because Temporary Services personnel have no guaranteed schedule of work beyond their current assignment, they are not eligible for University benefits. They are, however, covered under the On-the-Job Injury Program, Unemployment Compensation, and Social Security.

Temporary Services employees may be considered internal candidates for the internal recruitment process. To be considered for any position vacancy a Temporary Services employee must apply through the regular employment process. If a department selects a Temporary Services employee for a regular position, after University procedures for filling job vacancies have been followed, the Temporary Services Office should be notified immediately. Once notified, the Temporary Services Office will initiate an ACT Document and reassign it to the employing department for completion. Temporary Services employees who become full-time regular employees will receive a new service date and begin to accrue benefits at that time. See HR Policy 412 for establishing a new Service Date.