Inclement/Bad Weather Policy - HR Policy 616

Inclement/Bad Weather Policy - HR Policy 616

This policy describes UAB employee procedures in response to bad weather.
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Policy 616 – Inclement/Bad Weather Policy

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 06/16

Occasionally the Birmingham area experiences bad weather with snow and ice on the roads making it difficult for employees to get to work. At these times, the University of Alabama at Birmingham may be officially closed. However, UAB provides many essential services, including patient care, which cannot be suspended. Therefore, the University's policy regarding inclement weather must reflect the different nature of our work and the diversity of the various departments. While essential services will be continued, sometimes it may be considered prudent by the administration to suspend less sensitive elements of the operation.

In the event the University is not officially closed, employees experiencing problems (icy roads, dead battery, etc.) should contact their supervisor by telephone for reporting instructions. With the supervisor's approval, the employee may be allowed to utilize accrued vacation or personal holiday time.

Official instructions to employees will be issued over WBHM (90.3 FM) radio station and will be announced on the UAB Web site. Please review the guidelines below for your particular work area whether designated as essential or non-essential.

Non-Essential Services

If the University is officially closed, employees in non-essential work areas are not typically required to report to work. However, even in nonessential areas, certain functions must continue. Employees in those areas should receive instruction from their supervisors prior to notice of a closing to determine if it is necessary for them to call in to report their specific conditions and receive scheduling information.

The following guidelines should be used in reporting time for employees of non-essential services during inclement weather or other emergency circumstances.

  1. If the University is officially closed and the employee is not required to report to work, the time off will be considered Away with Pay.
  2. Employees who are scheduled to work but do not call in or report off from work will not receive compensation.
  3. With the approval of their supervisor, employees who call in to report off or who are excused from reporting to work may be given the option of utilizing benefit time.

Essential Services

The University will remain open in those areas associated with patient care and other essential services; therefore, employees in those departments should make every effort to get to work. When driving is difficult, employees should start early to allow for possible travel delays. Employees from previous shifts will be held over until relieved by the next shift personnel. UAB employees (exempt or nonexempt) who provide support to The Kirklin Clinic or any other affiliated clinics open for business must call their immediate supervisor promptly for reporting instructions. It is the employee’s responsibility to understand the inclement weather practice as it applies to their unique work area.

The following guidelines should be used in reporting time for employees of essential services during inclement weather or other emergency circumstances.

  1. Overtime rates will be paid to nonexempt employees for time worked in excess of 40 hours in one work week if applicable.
  2. Employees who are required by their supervisors to remain on the premises after completing their assigned shift and are on-call and immediately available will be paid under the "Standby" policy. (Policy 206.A)
  3. Employees who report in sick during emergency weather conditions will be eligible to use sick time pay only if proper documentation is provided to the supervisor immediately upon their return to work.