Non-smoking Policy

Non-smoking Policy

The use of tobacco and smoking-related products is prohibited in all buildings, facilities, and spaces (including covered walkways and covered parking) that are owned, rented, or leased by the University.
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None Assigned
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Applies To:
Faculty, Staff, Students
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University of Alabama at Birmingham 


April 14, 2015

(Replaces policy dated September 14, 2004)
[Edited May 8, 2017 for change in title]

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As an institution dedicated to the preservation of health and the prevention of disease, it is important for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to provide the means for protecting the health of its faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors from the hazards associated with tobacco and smoking-related products used within the confines of University buildings and facilities.  This policy complements other restrictions in place for tobacco and smoking-related products enacted by applicable law, regulation, or ordinance. 


This policy applies to all individuals, including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors, vendors, and contractors, physically located on campus or other properties controlled by the University.  UAB Medicine components maintain separate nonsmoking policies applicable to buildings, facilities, and spaces under their control.


For purposes of this policy, tobacco and smoking-related products are defined as any type of tobacco product or product intended to mimic tobacco products or the smoking or vaping of any other substance.  This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, pipes, bidis, and hookahs.  This does not include nicotine gum or patches. 

 Policy Statement

Use of tobacco or smoking-related products is prohibited within all buildings, facilities, vehicles, and spaces (including covered walkways, covered parking, parking lots, commons, parks, and campus greens) that are owned, rented, leased, or otherwise controlled by the University and otherwise in accordance with city ordinance. 
The University may specifically designate in writing appropriate outdoor areas (if any) that have been approved to accommodate use of tobacco or smoking-related products.  Signage will indicate limited areas where such use is acceptable. 

Littering the campus or surroundings with remnants of tobacco or smoking-related products is also prohibited.  Individuals who choose to use tobacco or smoking-related products in designated areas are expected to place remains in proper receptacles.


Exceptions to this policy may be made under the following conditions:

• For spaces leased by UAB to third parties for uses not related to UAB, subject to the provisions of a contract; and
• For research involving smoking with approval of the Vice President for Research
• For theatrical productions requiring use of tobacco and/or smoking related products with approval of the Vice President for Development and


Respect, cooperation, and consideration between smokers and nonsmokers and of all members of the University community is necessary to ensure the successful implementation of this policy.  Confirmed violations of this policy will result in appropriate consequences commensurate with the offense, up to and including dismissal from academic programs or termination of employment, appointment, or other relationships with UAB.


The Vice President for Financial Affairs and Administration is responsible for overall procedures to implement this policy, including procedures relative to visitors to the campus. The Provost is responsible for procedures to implement this policy as it relates to students, student organizations, and student facilities.