Pell Grants are available to undergraduate students without a baccalaureate degree.

Beginning July 1, 2012, students are limited to 6 years of Pell eligibility based on full-time enrollment. The calculation of the duration of a student's eligibility will include all years of the student's receipt of Pell Grant. Remaining Pell Grant eligibility is available on the National Student Loan Data System at

Pell Grants are pro-rated based on enrolled hours:

  • 100 percent of eligible award for full-time (12 credit hours per semester)
  • 75 percent of eligible award for three-quarter time (9-11 credit hours)
  • 50 percent of eligible award for half-time (6-8 credit hours)
  • 25 percent of eligible award if less than half-time (1-5 credit hours)

Apply by completing the FAFSA.