Review the checklist below before initiating a Direct PLUS application:

  1. Is there a completed FAFSA on file for the award year in which you are seeking a PLUS loan?
  2. Have you submitted all additional documentation requested by UAB, such as verification documents, proof of citizenship, etc.? NOTE: A completed Resource Information Form is not required.
    • Please check BlazerNET – Financial Aid – Student Financial Aid Requirements.
  3. Are you an eligible borrower?
    • Either biological parent may apply for Parent PLUS loans. A stepparent may apply only if their information is on the student’s FAFSA. If a biological parent applies and their information is not on the FAFSA, we may request a copy of the student’s birth certificate. Parent PLUS applications are only for dependent undergraduate students.
    • No grandparents, siblings, etc. of a student are eligible to borrow under the Federal Direct Parent PLUS program. If the parent cannot be approved for credit, the parent may pursue the loan with an endorser/cosigner, but the parent must first apply alone before pursuing this option.
    • For Graduate PLUS loans, the borrower is the Graduate/Professional student. If the graduate/professional student cannot be approved for credit, he or she may pursue the loan with an endorser/cosigner.
  4. Is the student enrolled for or planning to be enrolled for at least half time status in a degree-seeking program? (6 hours for undergraduate students, 5 hours for graduate students)
  5. Is the student maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress?
  6. Is there eligibility within the student's cost of attendance budget for a PLUS loan?
    • PLUS loan amounts are based on the student's cost of attendance minus all other scholarships, loans, etc. A student may not be awarded in excess of the cost of attendance. In addition, in the event that we are notified of additional scholarships, grants, fellowships, loans, etc. after the PLUS has been awarded and/or disbursed, we will reduce the PLUS loan accordingly pursuant to federal regulations.
  7. Does the borrower have a FSA User ID?