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Pilot Projects

Pilot grants funded in 2008:

Pilot study : Polyphenols from botanicalson the activity of the Sir2 family of evolutionarily conserved NAD+ dependent deacetylases (Ann Kirchmaier, Purdue)
Pilot study : Analysis of the actions of grape seed extract on neurogenesis in the yound adult rodent brain (Linda Wadiche, UAB)

Pilot grants funded in 2007:

Pilot study 1: The pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of herbal remedies used by rural African-Americans. (Glenda L. Smith, UAB)
Pilot study 2: Isoflavone dependent modulation of the vascular glycocalyx during inflammation. (Rakesh P. Patel, UAB)
Pilot study 3: Effects of mannan on body weight and body composition: a precursor to a longevity study. (David B. Allison, UAB)
Pilot study 4: Chemoprevention of colon carcinogenesis by dietary and medicinal mushrooms (David Sliva/Jiri Adamec, Purdue)

Pilot grants funded in 2006:

Pilot study 1: Gamma Tocopherol as a novel chemoprevention agent in azoxymethane-induced colon cancer model (Qing Jiang, Purdue)
Pilot study 2: Green Tea Formulations for Amelioration of Type 2 Diabetes in the Zucker Diabetic Rat Model with NMR Evaluation of Disease Progress (Elsa M. Janle, Purdue)
Pilot study 3: Efficacy of Grape Seed Extract in Protection Against Vascular Calcification in a Model of Uremia (K. Wilund, Purdue)

Pilot grants funded in 2005:

Pilot study 1: Digestive fate of tea catechins: impact of tea fromulation on catechin digestive recovery and human intestinal cell uptake (Mario Ferruzzi, Purdue)
Pilot study 2: Neuroprotective effect of blueberry extract on Parkinson Disease (Chris Rochet, Purdue)

Pilot grants funded in 2004:

Pilot study 1: Beneficial Effects of Soy Isoflavonoids on Prevention of Age-related Ocular Damage in Monkey (Chao-Chen Wang, UAB)
Pilot study 2: Interactions between green tea polyphenols and intestinal xenobiotic transporters (David Forster, IUPUI)
Pilot study 3: Chemo-preventive Effects of Cranberry Juice Concentrate on Urinary Bladder carcinogenesis (Clinton Grubbs, UAB)

Pilot grants funded in 2003:

Pilot study 1: Effect of green tea extract of alcohol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: a proteomics approach (Shannon M. Bailey, UAB)
Pilot study 2: Genistein-mediated prostate cancer prevention through enhanced vitamin D signaling (Jim Fleet, Purdue)
Pilot study 3: Soy isoflavones in fat cell gene regulation (Young-Cheul Kim, Purdue)
Pilot study 4: Evaluation of telomerase mechanisms in human breast cancer cells after treatment with the polyphenol EGCG (Trygve Tollefsbol, UAB)

Pilot grants funded in 2002:

Pilot study 1: Pinitol Supplementation in humans: Effects on blood and urine inositol concentrations and whole body and muscle glucose metabolism (Wayne Campbell, Purdue ).
Pilot study 2: Oxidation of Kava by Human Cytochrome P450 2D6 Causes Hepatotoxicity
(Luke Lightning, Purdue ).
Pilot study 3: Bioavailability and molecular targets identification of Isoflavones from Kudzu dietary supplements (Jeevan Prasain, UAB ).
Pilot study 4: Do Phytochemicals used to promote Prostate Health have beneficial or detrimental effects on lethal cancer progression? (David Walters, Purdue )

Pilot grants funded in 2001:

Pilot study 1: Prevention of cutaneous photoageing by dietary botanical supplements
(Santosh Katiyar, UAB)
Pilot study 2: Grape seed extract efficacy in a model of hypertension (J. Michael Wyss, UAB)
Pilot study 3: Modulation of monocyte-endothelial cell interactions by polyphenols (Rakesh Patel, UAB)
Pilot study 4: Effect of green tea on glucose tolerance in rats and prevention of diabetes in Zucker diabetic rats: (Elsa Janle, Purdue)