If you’re looking for a top-notch science education in the classroom, lab, and clinic, you should definitely look at UAB. And if you’re not the least bit interested in science, preferring instead business, the arts and humanities, you also should look at UAB.

If you want to step off campus into culture, entertainment, shopping, and some pretty great coffee, UAB. If you want to stay on campus and find those things anyway, UAB. If you’re looking for a solemn, tweed-jacket-wearing, glaring-at-you-over-his-glasses professor like you see in the movies, maybe elsewhere. But if you’re looking for the education and fun and life-changing experiences—we’re looking for you.

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It’s not about a degree—it’s about an education. Maybe your future is in academia, maybe your chosen career path is particularly demanding, or maybe you just want to know more. We know something about you already: You’re driven, intellectually curious, and focused on the future. We’re like that, too. The UAB Graduate School offers you a multi- and interdisciplinary graduate experience, whether for a research career balanced in hard and soft sciences or an academic career that blends art with anthropology. We aren’t just happy to help you on your way—we’re proud to do it. You provide the talent and the motivation, and we’ll provide a clear path.

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It has been said that the medical profession requires two things: a love of science and a love of people. That resonates with you. You have your own unique balance of analytical mind and compassionate heart—and scientist or softy, UAB has a medical professional program to serve your strengths and help you explore your interests.

UAB is the largest medical school in the state and a national leader in patient care, research, and training. You’ll learn from some of the top doctors in their fields, in state-of-the-art facilities, in highly ranked and heavily funded programs and specialties. You’ll learn to do medicine the way we do medicine—with skill, knowledge, drive, and passion.

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