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Diversity is a defining feature of Birmingham's past, present, and future. At UAB, we are committed to capitalizing on what makes Birmingham and the University trailblazers in moving inclusion forward. We are invigorating conversations, fostering civic engagement, widening perspectives, stimulating innovation and connecting people. Every day, we seek ways to actively promote and recognize principles of fairness and equity, in relation to, and across, intersections of race, age, color, disability, faith, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, social class, economic class, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, and all other identities represented among our diverse communities. To learn more about diversity education opportunities, click here


Commission on the Status of Women

The UAB Commission on the Status of Women is dedicated to promoting gender inclusion and equity by supporting and improving options and opportunities for women at every stage of their education and career.


African American Faculty Association

The African American Faculty Association (AAFA) has been in existence informally on the UAB campus for nearly 20 years and as an official organization for the past four years.


Equity Leadership Council

The Equity Leadership Council (ELC) is established to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the University.


The Alliance for LGBTQ Equality

The Alliance is an employee-resource group of The University of Alabama at Birmingham, the UAB Health System (UABHS), the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation (UAHSF), and the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital.


School of Medicine

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through a commitment to diversity in education, research and patient care.


School of Health Professions

The UAB School of Health Profession's school-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students who work collaboratively to promote DEI within the school and build capacity for embracing these concepts among colleagues and alumni.


School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry Diversity Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives who actively promote faculty, staff, and student diversity and inclusion and embraces diversity as a criterion for excellence.


Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs

Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs promotes a supportive, inclusive, and equitable campus culture that embraces and celebrates UAB’s diverse community.


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