October 05, 2016

Women faculty honored at annual promotion reception

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Women promoted professor 2016Faculty and staff from the School of Medicine gathered Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the promotion of 22 women faculty, 10 of whom had earned the title of full professor and 12 who attained the rank of associate professor.

The women faculty promoted to the rank of full professor are: Ambika Ashraf, M.D.; Julie B. Covarrubias, Ed.D.; Dawn K. DeCarlo, O.D.; Sandra L. Frazier, M.D.; Sarah D. Nafziger, M.D.; Lee Ann Riesenberg, Ph.D.; Lalita Shevde-Samant, Ph.D.; Nancy Tofil, M.D.; Qin Wang, Ph.D.; and Amy Weinmann, Ph.D.

The women faculty promoted to the rank of associate professor are:  Ayesha S. Bryant, M.D.; Jessy S. DeShane, Ph.D.; Andrea Dickens, M.D.; JayLeen M. Grams, M.D.; Shuko Harada, M.D.; Lorie M. Harper, M.D.; Jayme E. Locke, M.D.; Tracy R. Luckhardt, M.D.; Melanie S. Morris, M.D.; Christina Ochsenbauer, Ph.D.; Jyoti S. Samat, M.D.; and Elizabeth Turnipseed, M.D.

The promotion reception was an annual event sponsored by the School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion, intended to recognize the exceptional strides that women are making within UAB School of Medicine.

The formal proceedings were launched by Selwyn Vickers, M.D., FACS, senior vice president for Medicine and dean of the School of Medicine. Dean Vickers noted the tremendous strides that women faculty have made within the School of Medicine— at last year’s promotion celebration, 5 women were promoted to full professor, while in 2016 that number had doubled to 10.

Associate Professors 2016 2However, he noted that, despite advances, academic institutions are well aware that we are not fully utilizing the immense talents of women faculty. “The difference between the proportion of women who earn terminal degrees and those who hold leadership positions in academic medicine is clear – we can see it within our own walls. It is the responsibility of each of us to insure our environment creates a climate where all faculty can attain the full and rewarding career they desire,” Vickers said.

Each honoree was introduced by her department chair, or a representative sent by the chair. As each department chair discussed the professional achievements of the women being honored, as well as personal highlights and observations of their work at UAB.

“It is crucial for us to celebrate these milestones because they remind us that while, individually, we are strong, collectively, we are stronger,” said Mona Fouad, M.D., senior associate dean for Diversity and Inclusion.  “It reminds us that we do not journey alone, and a win for one of us is a win for all of us. It reminds each of us that while the road may be paved with difficulty, it is worth traveling.”