The UAB School of Nursing, the nation's most affordable nationally ranked nursing school, is the best choice for pursuing your education as the next step in developing yourself as a nursing leader.

jillian"... UAB School of Nursing is my home, my family."
Jillian Bridges, 
5th Semester BSN Student
An innovative interdisciplinary research university and world-renowned academic health center, UAB is ranked fifth in the world for its collaborative science and clinical work. Professional nursing is a rewarding lifetime career with many opportunities for advancement. As the challenges and demands in health care continue to intensify, the need for a highly educated nursing workforce increases. Since 1950, the UAB School of Nursing has been building on a vision to sustain nursing leadership worldwide.

The UAB School of Nursing is committed to your success. Here you will have the opportunity to excel in professional and advanced nursing in UAB’s academic health center using the latest learning systems, as well as team and clinical simulation training.

We look forward to working with you.

High School Students


The UAB School of Nursing is the only choice for current high school students planning to attend a nationally ranked school of nursing. Learn about our Dean's Nurse Scholars Initiative, which guarantees admission to the School of Nursing for qualified students, and the School's Nursing Nursing Honors Program, which is designed for academically gifted students and provides unique research and other opportunities.

Transfer Students


You are considered a transfer student if you have completed at least one college class for credit after graduating from high school. The UAB School of Nursing is the only choice for transfer students looking for a welcoming environment in the nation's most affordable highly ranked school of nursing. 

Graduate Students

SIM Lab Nurse anesthesia guy

Ready for the next step in your career? The UAB School of Nursing, ranked 8th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in its survey of the Best Nursing Schools for 2019, gives access to top-notch faculty who are leaders in their prospective tracks. Nationally ranked as being a best value, the School of Nursing is not only a top nursing program, but for the money, the best possible all-around value for nursing students.