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Trial targets 'triple threat' for hypertension UAB is leading a clinical trial to compare strategies to improve blood-pressure control among poor minorities who live in rural areas in America's Black Belt, which stretches from east Texas to Maryland.

Both strategies will work to encourage patients to take medications as directed and to monitor their blood pressure to improve health outcomes for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

UAB is partnering with UNC and East Carolina University and three community organizations in this $9.4 million trial to reduce poor outcomes supported by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

King crabs threaten Antarctic ecosystem due to warming ocean


Raghu Kasa

Ideas without borders Raghu Kasa is on a mission to ease the burden of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Forrest Satterfield has formed a company to print customized, affordable prosthetics. These UAB students, and dozens of others, have jump-started their passion projects through UAB’s membership in the Clinton Global Initiative University Network, a consortium of colleges and universities that support and fund student innovators.

At the network’s annual summits, students gain inspiration and practical advice from their peers and from global leaders. “Each person there is making the world a better place,” Kasa said.

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