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Two clinical trials make lung-cancer therapies more personal UAB is enrolling patients in national clinical trials in which screening will be used to identify the genetic alterations that drive their lung cancer, and patients will be matched to trials evaluating drugs that target those mutations.

“With these trials, all our patients are able to receive the best possible treatment, which might include various chemotherapy options or new drugs designed to attack their particular cancer based upon their tumor’s specific characteristics,” said Ronald Alvarez, M.D., principal investigator.

“This clinical trial opportunity is an example of what personalized medicine is all about.”


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School of Dentistry aims to capitalize on best investment — its people In its efforts to optimize oral health in Alabama and beyond, the UAB School of Dentistry is aggressively recruiting new faculty members, expanding diversity, enhancing the student experience and enriching research, says Dean Michael Reddy, DMD.

As a part of its strategic plan, the school is expanding dual-degree programs, including DMD/MPH and DMD/MBA options, and has developed several pipeline programs to increase the number of minority students. It has also concentrated research efforts on four leading-edge themes, including biomaterial science and craniofacial genetics.