Name Jefferson County Medical Society/UAB Health Sciences Archives Scrapbook Collection


Dates 1953-1977


Extent 38 books


Historical Note See Provenance, below.


Scope & Contents Scrapbooks include clippings, reports, photographs, pamphlets, and brochures.


Arrangement Thirty-eight (38) scrapbooks arranged into six series: 1. University Hospital; 2. University Hospital Public Relations; 3. University Hospital Auxiliary; 4. Medical Center; 5. Jefferson County Medical Society Auxiliary; and 6. Jefferson County Medical Society.


Accession Number M94-21


Provenance According to the scant documentation found, these scrapbooks were originally donated to UAB’s Reynolds Historical Library and the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences.   The Jefferson County Medical Society (JCMS) and the JCMS Auxiliary scrapbooks were donated to the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences on April 18, 1972, by auxiliary historian Mrs. Robert E. Wiltsie.  Library director Sarah C. Brown accepted the books and later moved them into the Reynolds Historical Library.  Currently, no explanation has been found as to how the remaining scrapbooks originally came into the possession of the Reynolds or the museum, or who first donated them.  On January 20, 1987, all of the scrapbooks in this collection were donated to the newly established Jefferson County Medical Society/UAB Health Sciences Archives.  An inventory prepared at the time confirms the donation and provides a brief description of each of the scrapbooks now contained in this manuscript collection.  The scrapbooks remained unprocessed in the JCMS/UAB Health Sciences Archives until that archives was disbanded in 1990.  In December of 1994, all remaining materials from the closed JCMS/UAB Health Sciences Archives, including these scrapbooks, were transferred to the UAB Archives.


Finding aid Printed descriptive guide by Tim L. Pennycuff available in repository.


Access Points Hospital and community  z  Alabama  z  Birmingham.

Jefferson County Medical Society.  b  Auxiliary.

Medicine  x  Societies, etc.

Medicine  z  Alabama  z  Birmingham  x  History.

Physicians  z  Alabama  z  Birmingham.

Public relations  x  Hospitals.


University of Alabama.  b  Medical Center.

University of Alabama.  b  Jefferson-Hillman Hospital.

University of Alabama.  b  University Hospital.

University of Alabama in Birmingham.  b  College of General Studies.

University of Alabama in Birmingham.  b  University College.

University of Alabama in Birmingham.  b  University Hospital.

University of Alabama in Birmingham.  b  University Hospital.  b  Auxiliary.


Document Types Clippings.





Location Manuscript Stacks


Related Series None


Physical Condition No preservation measures have been undertaken.  Several of the books are in considerable state of disrepair and usage may be restricted for preservation purposes.  Note: Due to their size and/or condition, photocopying of the scrapbooks is not available. 

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