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University Hospital celebrates the holiday season, 1963.  Decorations installed outside the hospital's main entrance on South 19th Street highlighted the "75th Year of Good Health to All."  The predecessor entity of the Hillman Hospital had been established in October of 1888 to provide care for Birmingham's needy citizens.

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1311-MedJetUAB MedJet in air, circa 1990.  The UAB Critical Care Transport Service began in 1983 with transportation by specially equipped ambulance or medical jet.  As of 2013 the CCT service has transported over 42,000 patients and has logged more than 27 million miles.

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Business School Backs the Blazers, 1978.   A large hallway sign placed in University College Building Number 1 proclaimed “The School of Business Supports ‘Our’ Blazers….and the Entire Blazer Team!”  The UAB men’s and women’s teams debuted in basketball games held in 1978.  Building Number 1 is the current School of Education Building.

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University Hospital Emergency Clinic, circa 1965.  On Sunday, September 15, 1963, the emergency clinic at University Hospital received those injured in the bombing of Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.  The hospital also received the bodies of the four children killed in the blast.

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For information on the events held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, see the website of the City of Birmingham at

Medical student John A. Harris studies Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, circa 1964. Dr. Tinsley R. Harrison, an Alabama native and long-time member of the UAB faculty, was the author of one of the most widely read textbooks in medical education, a textbook still in use today. John Harris graduated from the medical school in 1966.

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The Medical Center switchboard, circa 1968.  Located within University Hospital, the switchboard for the Medical Center was the largest private board exchange in the state and employed a team of 16.  The switchboard operators were also responsible for the hospital’s paging and emergency alarm systems.

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Hill University Center, circa 1985.  This building was opened in 1983 and formally dedicated as the University Center in May 1984.  In May of 1991 the UC was officially renamed as the Hill University Center in honor of UAB’s second president, Dr. S. Richardson Hill, Jr.  The HUC will be demolished this summer and will be replaced with a new building.

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University College dedication ceremony, May 20, 1973.  University College Building No. 1, Building No. 2, Building No. 3, and the library – today’s Education, Chemistry, and Humanities Buildings and Sterne Library – were dedicated in a ceremony held in May of 1973.  Governor George C. Wallace spoke at the ceremony one year after he survived an attempted assassination at a presidential campaign stop in Maryland. The Governor’s wheelchair is visible as he stands at the podium.

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Lt. Leo Woods operates the UAB Police Department's tape machine, April 1978.  The machine, a Dictaphone 4000, recorded all telephone and radio calls.  The Police Department was formally organized at UAB in 1972.

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1303-Snow93Looking down South 18th Street toward Red Mountain, March 1993.  The Blizzard of 1993, the so-called “Storm of the Century,” impacted 26 states and much of eastern Canada, bringing record snowfall across North America.  Over the weekend of March 12-13 Birmingham received 13 inches of snow but some locations in the metropolitan area received up to 17 inches.  This was a record for a single snowfall and was more than ever received during an entire winter season.  All activities at UAB except for essential hospital services were cancelled and many staff remained at their jobs for days.

Image:  Progress Notes yearbook

New telephone directory released, 1968.  Anita Sellers, secretary in the Office of Communications, with the new and enlarged directory for the university campus.  The 6x9 inch publication contained 96 pages with a simple alphabetical listing of staff and an administrative listing of offices and programs.  The last printed Campus Directory distributed to the UAB campus was released in 2009.  The 8x11 inch publication contained over 570 pages.

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1917 Clinic, circa 1988.  In response to the growing epidemic, an outpatient clinic for AIDS patients was opened at UAB in January 1988.  It was founded and first directed by Dr. Michael S. Saag.  The clinic name originated from the building’s street address of 1917 5th Avenue South in order to protect the confidentiality of the patients.

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Dr. Michael S. Saag presented the 34th annual Reynolds Historical Lecture, entitled "Thirty Years of AIDS," on February 22, 2013.  For additional information see