create wiki

Create a Wiki

Wikis can be used for group assignments, for peer review (although there is a more formal tool for this in Blackboard: Self and Peer Assessment), as a knowledge and resource repository, or formal/informal learning community to increase student-student interaction.

To create a wiki, expand the Course Tools menu in the control panel, then:

Setting  Parameters for Your Wiki

Just like other tools, there are a number of settings that you will need to be aware of:


*Closed to Editing can be used when you intend to be the only wiki user, e.g. when  using it to clarify points immediately following a lecture. Students can view the wiki under this setting, they just can’t edit it. For a group wiki, the user must be a member of that group to edit wiki pages. These options can be changed at any time.

**Once a wiki is set to be graded, a column is created in the grade center and the setting can’t be reversed.

You can then add the wiki to a content area using the Add Interactive Tools menu:


Create, edit, comment on, and grade wiki entries