create discussion board

Create Course Tools

Most tools can be created using one of two approaches:
  1. Create a content area and build the tool using the Add Interactive Tool menu
  2. Build the tool using the Tools link in the control panel, then link to it in a content area or on the course menu

In this workshop session you will build and populate four tools. You will build the discussion board and blog from the Add Interactive Tool menu; then create a wiki and journal using the control panel, and we will lthen ink to them in the course menu.

Create a Discussion Board

A discussion forum is made up of threads. You must create the forum before students can access and post to it. You can add descriptive and explanatory content to a forum to guide student posts, replies, and comments. A thread can be a question posed by you, a student's response to a forum topic, or a new question raised by a student related to the forum in question.

To add a discussion forum to a content area:

Here, we will create a new forum; when you select the Create New Forum button, you will be prompted to fill out standard forum information and to apply settings:

There are a lot of settings you can use in the discussion forum. Here's a detailed explanation of each one.

Forum Settings