Grade Assignments

Edit and Grade an Assignment

Editing an assigment's content or properties is fairy straightforward: click the the action menu link to the right of the assignment name, then select Edit. This menu also presents you with some additional editing capability including the following:


There are four types of metadata:
  • General Information: Includes the title, catalog entry, source, entry, language, and a description of the item.
  • Lifecycle Information: Includes the creation date and time, contributors, name and role of author or editor, organization, and date of latest changes or updates.
  • Technical Information: Includes the format of the content item and its location.
  • Rights Management Information: Displays copyright restrictions and a description of any conditions on item usage.

In the statistics report you can check who has reviewed the item, and you can use Review Status as Adaptive Release criteria.You can check whether students can access your content items. If you have made a content item unavailable, the User Progress page indicates that the item is not visible to users. The User Progress page also lists Adaptive Release rules that affect the visibility of an item. If Review Status is enabled for an item, you can check which students have reviewed it and when they reviewed it.

Grade Assignments

In the control panel, expand the Grade Center menu and select Needs Grading:


You can also go to Grade Center and locate assignments that need grading:



The assignment disappears from the Needs Grading List and the score shows up in the grade center:


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