Communicating with Students - Basic Tools

There are a number of interactive tools through which you can connect with students and that can also facilitate student-to-student communication. In this section we will discuss three basic forms of communication:
Each of these components can be accessed under the Course Tools menu. Students can access these elements through the default Tools course menu link, or through a link you create in the course menu.


Announcements will appear in the Announcements module on your institution home page and on the course home page (if the default home page is retained). You can also designate announcements as the home page if you so desire. You can also opt to email announcements to each individual in the course. This option uses the email address imported in the course roster.

announcement 3announcement 4
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Messages are an alternate method of communication contained entirely within the course. You and your students must access the course, then access the messages tool, to determine if there are any messages sitting in the inbox. As noted above, you must retain the default Tools menu item or create a link to the Messages tool if you want to use this component in your course.

messages 1

messages 2


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The email tool sends an email to designated class participants from your account to the participants’ accounts. The message does not reside in blackboard, it is sent from Outlook or other email client, and responses to that email will come into your email client inbox.

If you use this feature, you may want to create a folder for you course in your email client and set up a rule to drop email from course members into that folder. This will help you organize emails from several different courses. You can select from the following lists or select individual users

email 1PNG

 email 2



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